5 Lock Screen Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 lock screen apps for Android which you can use to customize the lock screen on your Android smartphone or tablet. One of the many great things about Android is that it’s very customizable. Today we’re gonna be focusing on the lock screen, and how to make it even more cool than the default lock screen that comes with Android.

So lets go ahead and have a look at the Android apps we found for you. All these apps are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen

lock screen app android 1

If you wanted to have a fingerprint scanner for your lock screen, then you can have it with this very unimaginatively named app.

Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen has both a fingerprint scanner and a keypad lock screen. You can unlock the screen either by pressing your thumb against the scanner or by repeating the same 4 digit number two times on the keypad. Any fingerprint is gonna be detected, in fact the scanner doesn’t actually detect fingerprints, only pressure against the scanner.

Get Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen.

Keypad Lock Screen

lock screen app android 2

Keypad Lock Screen is just like Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen, but without the fingerprint lock screen, only the keypad lock screen is supported.

Default password for unlocking the screen is 2323, but you can change it of course later on using the app settings. There’s two steps to unlock the screen, first a slide to unlock the keypad and then you need to type in the previously mentioned pin number.

Get Keypad Lock Screen.

Lock Screen by Lovekara

lock screen app android 3

Lock Screen is interesting not because of the way that you can unlock the screen, but by the way that the screen can be locked.

Unlock screen is pretty basic when it comes to unlocking the screen, however if you want to lock the screen with Lock Screen, you can do it by shaking the device. Unlock screen can be customized using the settings menu.

Get Lock Screen by Lovekara.

iPhone 5s Lock Screen

lock screen app android 4

iPhone 5s Lock Screen imitates the lock screen of iPhone 5s, hence the name of the app.

You can see it in action on the image above. Everything is copied to the letter. Background image showed on the unlock screen can be changed. App is optimized for HD screens, so you shouldn’t have problems using it even on larger screens. In the middle of the screen there’s a batter indicator, just like on iOS.

Get iPhone 5s Lock Screen.

Lock Screen – Wallet Theme

lock screen app android 5

Lock Screen – Wallet Theme changes the lock screen into one giant zipper, like the one that we can find on jackets or wallets.

There are several different zipper themes that you can choose. Other options include vibration, sound effect when locking or unlocking the screen and automatic ringer unlock which unlocks the screen automatically when the phone is ringing.

Get Lock Screen – Wallet Theme.


All the screen lock apps from the list above look different and they work differently from each other, so it’s not easy to choose a winner. What we can do is give a few suggestions about which app you should try first. Fingerprint Screen Lock is definitely one that you should try first. Although Love Screen by Lovekara and it’s shake to lock effect are also quite interesting. Try them all and let us know which one you think is best in the comments down below.

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