3 Home Design Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 3 home design apps for Android which you can use to create mock ups of your dream house, plan redecoration’s and more. Seeing how we’re talking about tablets and smartphones here, you can’t really expect the kind of advanced functionality and usability that can be found in desktop applications, but the apps I mentioned do come very close to being just as good as desktop software of this sort.

Let’s see what exactly it is that they can offer.

Planner 5D

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Planner 5D is a very advanced home design app for Android where you get a large database of all kinds of furniture in lots of different variations that you can use to decorate your rooms.

Since the app has a lot to offer it also requires a lot of storage space, close to 250MB. Four demo designs are available by default to help you familiarize yourself with the app. Online, in the Planner 5D gallery on their website, you can find designs shared by others or share your own creations. 2D and 3D view modes are available. Move around by holding down a screen tap, zoom with pinching, the usual. An optional paying subscription gives you access to an additional 3000 items from the paid database offered by Planner 5D for more detailed customizations of the designs that you’re creating.

Get Planner 5D.

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Home Design 3D

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Before we delve into what exactly it is that Home Design 3D has to offer, keep in mind that the app works on a freemium basis. What that means in case of this app is that for 2 hours after installation you have full functionality. After the 2 hours are up the ability to save designs is taken away, but you can still create designs and then take screenshots to share them with others.

Other than the previously mentioned limitations app works pretty much just like Planner 5D does, only the interface is a little bit revamped. Furniture selection is on the left. 2D and 3D modes are available. Room layout and furniture designs can be changed in both 2D and 3D. Furniture is placed into categories, and there’s a find tool to help you find the furniture that you need more easily.

Get Home Design 3D.

Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden

home design apps android 3

Home design isn’t just about making everything the way you like it within the walls of your home, don’t forget about the outside, and that’s exactly what Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden focuses on.

With the help of this app, you’ll be able to create a design of the backyard and the front of the house using hundreds of items and building types ranging from simple table sets to full on gazebos, see image above. Unfortunately, the same kind of freemium model is applied here like the one that can be found in the indoor version of Home Design 3D, seeing how the same developer is behind both of the apps. Still, app is fully functional apart from losing the save feature after 2 hours, but screenshots help with that, at least they did the trick for me.

Get Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden.

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Despite there being a lot of apps called “home design” in the Play Store, most of them just carry images of home designs for the user to look at. They don’t allow you to actually create designs of your own, like the 3 home design apps from the list above do. Planner 5D is my favorite because it offers much bigger selection of items you can use for your decorations. Other two are also quite useful, but the inability to save shaves off a few points in my book. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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