5 Best Audio Cutter Software For Windows 10

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Audio files are one of the most common type of files that we have to work with, during our day to day computer usage. Our music library, voice recordings; all of these are essentially audio files. And just like all other computer files, they are available in a diverse array of formats. But sometimes, they can be pretty long (e.g. audiobooks). So having an efficient audio cutter application at your disposal makes all the sense.

Fret not, as this article is meant to help you with just that. These audio cutter software applications not only let you trim unnecessary parts from audio files, but also include features like multi-format support, segment trimming, merge functionality, and a lot more. Intrigued? Let’s talk about 5 best audio cutter software for Windows 10 in a bit more detail.

Free Audio Cutter

free audio cutter

Simple and easy to use, Free Audio Cutter is a robust application that lets you trim any and all kinds of audio files with minimal effort. It supports all popular audio formats, such as MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV. Getting started with Free Audio Cutter is fairly straightforward. Specify the input audio file to be cut, as well as the target directory where the split parts are to be saved. Once this is done, you can configure the start and end time markers via the buttons provided for the same. The program even lets you split an audio file into multiple equally long segments. After everything is set up, click the Cut Now! button, and Free Audio Cutter will handle the rest. It also includes the functionality to merge trimmed audio parts, and you can specify output file parameters such as format, bitrate, and audio channels. Find out more here.

Free MP3 WMA Cutter

free mp3 wma cutter

Looking for a solid audio cutter program for your Windows 10 PC? Free MP3 WMA Cutter is all you need. The powerhouse application is not only loaded with features, but looks good too. And despite its name including only two, Free MP3 WMA Cutter supports a whole bunch of other audio formats, like OGG, WAV, RAW, VOX, and AIFF as input. Apart from that, you can also work with audio tracks directly sourced from CDs. To begin, import the audio file that you’d like trim, and Free MP3 WMA Cutter will automatically load it up as a waveform display. After this, the Cut & Edit options can be used to granularly configure the trimming parameters like start and end time markers. What’s more, you can even add echo effects to certain audio parts and merge multiple parts together. Finally, click the Save Now button, and the application will export the cut parts in the specified output folder and format. Just make sure to skip the bundled stuff that the installer comes with.

FreeTrim MP3

freetrim mp3

One of the better audio trimmer applications out there, FreeTrim MP3 makes quick work of cutting audio files of all types incredibly simple. Its feature set and UI are almost too identical to the previously discussed Free MP3 WMA Cutter, so if that application doesn’t work out for some reason, you can use this instead. From MP3 to WAV, and from OGG to AIFF, FreeTrim MP3 is compatible with a wide variety of audio file formats, and you can cut tracks imported directly from audio CDs too. Once an audio file is loaded, FreeTrim MP3 displays it as a waveform. After this, you can configure start and end markers, add echo effects, zoom in on specific parts for better control, and then some more. The built-in audio player comes in handy too. To start trimming, click the Start Trim button, and the output will be saved in the designated folder. The installer comes bundled with some nagware, but those can be easily skipped. Find out more here.

NowSmart Cut

nowsmart cut

If you want a hassle free way of trimming audio files, look no further than NowSmart Cut. Sporting a lean and minimal UI, it is a breeze to use. Although NowSmart Cut bills itself as a ringtone maker application, it can be used for trimming all kinds of audio files just fine, and supports common audio formats such as MP3, OGG, M4A and WAV. And that’s not all. NowSmart Cut can also be used to extract audio clips from all major video file formats like AVI, WMV, MKV and even RMVB. Working with NowSmart Cut is easy. Simply load up the file to be cut, and the application will display it as an audio waveform. Now, you can easily drag the color coded start and end time markers to their intended positions on the waveform, and also add optional fade in/out effects. Finally, hit the Export Selection button. Click here to read more.

Eusing Free MP3 Cutter

eusing free mp3 cutter

Rounding things off is Eusing Free MP3 Cutter, a feather light but surprisingly good program for cutting audio files. Eusing Free MP3 cutter has a simplistic interface, and is ridiculously easy to work with. To start off, all you have to do is load up the audio file to be processed, using the Open File button. Once this is done, the start and end time markers can be dragged to their relevant positions on the marker bar. In addition to that, you can also specify the start and end time duration for better control. When everything is set, click the Start Cut button, and Eusing Free MP3 cutter will take if from there. The software also includes built-in functionality for mixing/joining two separate audio files, and an audio file can be cut into multiple segments as well. Eusing Free MP3 cutter supports the trio of MP3, WAV and WMA audio file formats.


All the software applications discussed above are pretty good, and should come in really helpful in trimming your favorite audio files to make them even better. Take them for a spin, and let me know your favorite(s) in the comments below.

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