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FreeTrim MP3 is free mp3 trimmer that is light weight and very easy to handle. The application can trim any audio files including WMA, WAV, MP3, MP2, MPGA, CDA, and OGG and effectively save them into WMA, MP3, WAV & OGG formats. The free mp3 cutter is very quick and you can edit your MP3 and other audio files and remove the unwanted sounds and effects from your audio files. Very interesting, you do not need any encoding knowledge for this application. Also, add nice effects like fading and mixing songs to your audio.

The free mp3 cutter trims portions of the file and makes multiple cuts in seconds, which you can use to create any other files and use them as your ringtone, add them to your notes or e-cards. All operations can be performed without decompressing – no re-encoding is needed and therefore you get high quality output with no standard loss.

The application is equipped with all the features and functionality that will enable you to create and edit professional audio files for your various uses. You can also check out the zoom able view of the sound waves your audio with this FreeTrim MP3. The zoom-in and zoom-out feature in this freeware, will le you scrutinize the sound waves formed by your audio tracks and can select the region that you want to edit. You can do this easily just using your mouse. Zoom the selected region and this region will be displayed at the whole waveform window to view the signal more clearly.


You can use this trimmer just not for trimming the audio but you can use different pieces of audio files and join them into one to create your own mixes and songs for your portable devices. The trimmer can be used to make your audio tracks shorter, remove unwanted noise, or do simple cut, copy paste with this handy and very simple trimmer. If you want, some part the file to be separate than cut and copy-paste them or remove the silent part of the audio. You need not worry if you have done any mistake while editing, because trimmer will give you unlimited Undo & Redo operations. We have included this free mp3 cutter in our list of best free mp3 cutters. Some other mp3 cutters from that list are MP3DirectCut, and Sofonica Mp3 Cutter.

Some other features of FreeTrim MP3 free mp3 cutter:

Add audio effect for artistic creation:

This software makes it very easy for you to add effects in your audio files. You can add interesting effects to your sound tracks and make them more attractive. Add smooth effects or echo to your sound tracks that suits your music piece. You can also increase and decrease the volume of the selected region and adjust the volume to an optional level to meet your needs. When you are done with your editing just click ok and the trimmer will quickly create a copy for you.

Choose a particular portion accurately:

Choose your particular section of the file in five different ways. You can select the region easily my using mouse and sound waves. Just click the region in the sound waves and uses you are left click or drag and drop method to select the region of the audio file.

Well-maintained & adjustable output quality:

Control the output quality precisely with the customized and easy configuration of the application. There are well-defined presets in the application that will allow you to customize the output file and its properties, so that if you want any particular kind of file for your project, you can rely on FreeTrim MP3. The configuration parameters in the activated window and there is no quality loss during the direct trimming.

Overall, this free mp3 cutter is quite easy to use, and very intuitive. Download FreeTrim MP3 here.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000
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