5 YouTube Channels To Learn Guitar For Free

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Here is a list of 5 YouTube channels to learn guitar for free. You can subscribe to these channels and watch videos to learn guitar easily. These channels contain lots of videos from which both beginners and players can benefit from. There are videos for different chords, different songs, acoustic guitar, electric guitar etc. You can also learn to play different tricks with your guitar. So, subscribe to these videos and start learning guitar at home.

The 5 YouTube channels to learn guitar that I have reviewed in this article are Learn Guitar Fast Tips, Learning Guitar Now, Acoustic Guitar Chords, martyfs74, and Learn Roots Music.

Learn Guitar Fast Tips:

Learn Guitar Fast Tips-learn guitar-interface

The first YouTube channel to learn guitar is Learn Guitar Fast Tips. This YouTube channel is primarily dedicated to teaching beginners the basic guitar lessons. The videos in this channel are segregated into different categories that makes it easy for you to access the desired ones. You can watch tutorial videos for different types of chords and how to play them. The channel also has videos on additional lessons for beginners that you can watch to learn the basics of playing a guitar. Another category of videos is common beginner questions. In this category, there are videos for frequently asked questions like how to tune a guitar, how to hold a guitar properly and more. Apart from all this, the channel also has tutorial videos for popular songs that you can watch and learn to play those songs.

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Learning Guitar Now:

Learning Guitar Now

Learning Guitar Now is the second YouTube channel to learn guitar in this list. This channel provides you helpful guitar learning videos in the style of different professional guitarists. This channel contains videos to show you how to play Slide guitar & Blues guitar. There are also tracks available for you to practice your learnt skills.The good thing about this channel is that there are lots of videos and you can learn a of different chords to play. You need to have a basic knowledge of guitar, before you subscribe to this channel, as most of the videos explain complicated and difficult chords. This channel also has tutorial videos for different songs that you can learn and play.

Subscribe to Learning Guitar Now from here.

Acoustic Guitar chords:

Acoustic Guitar Chords

Third YouTube channel to learn guitar is Acoustic Guitar Chords. As you can judge from the name itself, this channel provides you with videos to learn different acoustic guitar chords. In acoustic guitar, there are different categories of chords like D chord, F chord, and A chord. Further, in every category there are various chords that are used while playing a song. In this channel, you can access these various chords according to their category and learn to play them. Apart from the above mentioned categories, the channel has one more section in which you can watch videos of many more chords and learn to play them. The channel is solely dedicated to acoustic guitar learners.

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The penultimate YouTube channel in this list to learn guitar is martyfs74. This channel provides you lots of tutorial videos to learn from. The videos are very illustrative and make it easy for you to learn different tunes and chords on your guitar. There are many different song tutorials as well that you can watch and learn. More and more song tutorials are added for you to learn from time to time. Apart from this, the channel also provides you lots of videos from different stage performances. These videos prove very helpful as a performance always brings up  new things to learn and play.

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Learn Roots Music:

Learn Roots Music

The fifth and final YouTube channel to learn guitar is Learn Roots Music. This channel provides you videos to learn and play 3 different guitars. You can learn and play Dobro, Electric guitar, and Acoustic guitar. There are los of videos for all these three kind of guitars, divided into three different sections. The channel uploads videos in these different categories, and by different professional guitarists.

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So, all these YouTube channels will prove to be helpful in your endeavour to learn guitar. You can try them out and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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