Free Audio Editor with Wave and Spectral Display: KISS Wave MP3 Editor

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KISS Wave MP3 Editor is a free audio recorder, editor which you can use to create and manipulate audio tracks. Despite of the fact that there’s only MP3 in the application’s name, you can open a lot of different audio formats with the help of KISS, next to the common audio formats, there’s support for a whole set of audio extensions some of which you’ve probably never heard off before:

  • VOX files
  • OggVorbis
  • ASF
  • AIF
  • AU
  • Audio CDs
  • M4A and the standard
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • Wav

A total of 19 different audio formats can be opened, played and edited with the help of KISS Wave MP3 Editor and you can also save recorded audio in practically every one of them. KISS audio editor is graphical, with both the Wave and Spectral audio views being available.

KISS Wave Editor default window

As you can see from the image above, there are a lot of different editing options offered with this free audio editor. Drawback of tools offered by KISS Wave Editor would be that they are not all available in the free version, effects for example can be used in full, without any restrictions, but when it comes to using the Tools menu, you won’t be able to use them all and an upgrade to the paid version is needed before you can:

  • Convert formats
  • Use the batch transformer
  • Edit MP3 tags
  • Use the Wave Crafter Editor

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Sound editing with KISS Wave MP3 Editor

Opening the audio file that you want to edit would be the first step, you can do that by clicking on File and then Open Common Audio files. Like we said in the introduction, list of formats which can be opened with KISS Wave MP3 Editor is extensive, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to opening audio files.

KISS Wave Editor song opened

All the useful tools available in KISS are laid out in the upper menu in two rows named Common Functions and Common Effects. Tools and effects listed in these rows are free, there aren’t any which are unavailable. Basic audio editing manipulations are available:

  • Audio channel selection
  • Cut and merge audio files
  • Delete sequences
  • Adding effects (amplify, chorus, noise, echo, equalizer, fade, invert, normalize)
  • Audio filtering

To start editing audio files, you first have to set markers of the song area that you wish to edit, you can do this with the mouse, left click, hold and drag the cursor over the audio wave form. After that reach for the effect, filter or any of the other editing options available in KISS and start making changes:

KISS Wave Editor adding effect

On the image above, we’re applying an effect to the selected area, notice the red bar filling up at the bottom. You can of course apply effect to the entire audio file, if you so choose, in that case, simply click on Edit >> Select All which will cause the entire audio file to be selected. It’s impossible to review all the different editing functions offered by KISS, if you’re looking for a free audio editor, try KISS MP3 Wave Editor and see if it can help you, we’re sure it will.

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