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ProProfs is a free online training course creator where you can create very feature rich online courses for your business, students, teammates and anyone else who might be interested in learning what you have to teach.

Courses can be setup with the help of interactive chapters, interactive here means quizzes, but you can also setup text posts, embed websites, upload/share PDF documents, Power Point presentations, SWF animations, surveys, polls, flash cards and much more.

On the image below preview of a quiz can be seen.

ProProfs default window

Similar software: Zoomerang, Quedic Quiz Maker.

Quizzes in this free online quiz creator can be created in two different ways, either new ones from scratch, or you can search through the gallery of existing ones, select one of them and then simply edit it to your liking.

ProProfs creating course

Before you can start creating quizzes, you first need to create a course. Free courses are limited in features when compared to the paid version. You for example can’t keep track of who took the course, you can’t add your own logo, and they are public, you have no control over who can access it. Quizzes are just one of the thing that you can add to the online course that you create, we listed some of the other things that are available in the introduction. Key features of ProProfs – free online training creator are:

  • Web based – easily create courses and share them with others online
  • Embedding – courses that you create can be embedded into websites
  • Hierarchical approach – create courses, chapters and then pages
  • Upload and share documents – supports videos, PDFs, PPT, SWF
  • Create quizzes, surveys, polls, flashcards, embed media

How to create online training courses with ProProfs

The first thing that you need to do, after registering an account is follow the option that you’re offered with and create a new course. Enter a name, short description, this can be seen on the second image above.

ProProfs editing course

Course is set up by scrolling down, like we already mentioned, by adding chapters and pages. Just like you would be adding them to a book. Content goes on pages, they are the smallest unit of the course. Notice the page type drop down selection down below. From there you can select what your page is gonna be about.

ProProfs previewing course

Once that the course is finished, click Save in the top right corner, after which you should see a list of all the courses that you have created. Various different options will be available, for sharing, generating embed codes and what most important, course preview. Clicking that allows you to preview how the created course is gonna look like. Screenshot of a very simple course can be seen on the image above, you move through the pages using the left sidebar or navigational buttons in the top right corner of the screen.


ProProfs might be a bit confusing to use at first, but after sometime of setting up the courses, you’re gonna feel right at home. The only limit on how your online training course will look like is your imagination. Pretty much everything can be added and uploaded, media, documents, quizzes. Give it a try and see how it goes. Free download.

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