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Snap2HTML is a free HTML generator which allows you to create HTML document snapshots out of entire directory and file hierarchies. Generated HTML documents will be very similar to what you see when visiting an FTP address inside a web browser. Folder structure will be available for browsing in the left sidebar, and when you click on a folder, list of files inside it will open up on the right.

There’s no limitation on how large the folder hierarchy for which you decide to generate a HTML snapshot can be. Technically speaking you could create folder listing snapshots of entire partitions, like we did on the image below, but keep in mind that if there’s a lot of files, it’ll take longer for the HTML file to be generated.

Snap2HTML default window

Files can either be hyperlinked, so that when you click on them they get opened, or you can just setup to have a plain folder list.

Snap2HTML interface working

Interface of this free folder structure snapshot creator is very simple and this is a portable application, which means there’s no installation. Root folder is where you select the top directory for which HTML list needs to be generated. Other options for tweaking what will be shown and if you want files linked are available down below. Button for starting the folder snapshots creation is available in the bottom right corner, and that’s about it. Key features Snap2HTML – free HTML folder structure generator are:

  • Portable – doesn’t require installation in order to run – extract and run
  • Allows you to create and generate HTML lists from directories and files
  • Hyperlinking – decide if you want files linked or just a plain text list
  • Fully featured HTML list – file browser for browsing through files
  • Sortable list – sorting based on name, size and modification date
  • Search tool – folders and files can be searched using a find tool

How to generate HTML file and folder lists with Snap2HTML

Setup window of Snap2HTML we’ve already seen on the second image from the top. Once that you’ve selected the root folder, decided if you want to include hidden and system files, if yes put check marks next to corresponding options, and lastly decide if you’re interested in adding hyperlinks, after clicking on the Create Folder Snapshot button, you’ll be asked where to save the generated HTML document.

Snap2HTML list preview

Sorting of the file list can be changed by clicking on list headers. Find tool works automatically, that means that as you’re typing, results will be showed down below. If you have selected to add hyperlinks to file names, you’ll be able to click on them. Depending on file type they might open, .txt for example, but for all the others you’ll only start the download process, since the web browser will think that you’re trying to download the file.


Snap2HTML makes it very easy to create HTML folder lists, while preserving hierarchy. Anyone who needs to create HTML directory listings for their websites should give this free HTML folder list generator a try.

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