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Bins is a taskbar organizer for windows, which lets you create bins (group of icons) on your taskbar, which in turn makes your taskbar look neat and tidy.  It also gives you more shortcuts to be placed on your taskbar. This free taskbar organizer efficiently manages the programs with options like creating new bins, splitting bins, etc.

Update: (October 08, 2013) The software is no longer available as a freeware. You could rather check out TaskArrangeViGlance, or ObjectDock.

This means you may have all your favorite applications Of Microsoft office in one place or all browsers or media players hence making it quicker and giving a feeling of organization all the time. The best part is you can even “bin” websites, which has been a much talked about feature in IE9, wherein you just have to pin down the website to the taskbar and move them to bins. For other browsers like Chrome create “application shortcuts” and move them into bins.


Directions To Use :

  • Combining Icons into a bin : Combining icons to bins can be done by dropping off one item onto another, a pop up appears, now place the item in the pop up and you are done.
  • Removing Icons from a bin : It can either be done the same way as removing items from the taskbar by right clicking and selecting “Unpin from group” or dragging and dropping the item onto the taskbar to split it from the group.(Note: The primary icon of a group cannot be removed)
  • Even Websites can be placed in bins : It can be easily done primarily with  IE9 and chrome. For chrome choose “Create application shortcuts” when browsing a website you want to bin, and select “Pin to the taskbar” and hence move the shortcuts into bins. IE9 lets us drag and drop a website to the taskbar and hence bin it.

Features :

  • Group your taskbar icons : Combining similar programs on your Windows 7 taskbar into bins to make it tidy, less cluttered and quick.
  • Instantly accessible : Shortcuts appear instantly when you put your mouse over the group’s icon, furthermore it hides when you move your mouse out.
  • Pin files and folders to your taskbar : Bins allows for the placement and grouping of files and folders into bins.

Compatibility :

  • Any version of Windows 7

Bins is currently in the private beta and is available as Request Beta Invite/Release Notification from here.

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