QR Code Treasure Hunt For Students

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This is a QR code based game for students where as a teacher you can generate QR code treasure hunt for students. This game is really interesting and very simple to play. This is a team game and can be played with more than two teams over a large area. It fosters the healthy spirit of competition and helps to create interest among students. The basic concept of this game is, the treasure hunt organizer will generate QR quiz questions and print them. Then the QR codes will be pasted at random places around school campus. Now, students have to look for the codes and solve the mystery.

Let me now show you how you can generate a QR code and create an interesting quiz for your students

When you go to the homepage of this QR code Treasure Hunt creator, it looks like the image given below.

How To Play QR Treasure Hunt Puzzles

Step 1

In this section, you are required to write down the question manually along with the answers. The question and answers should be separated by an asterisk mark and every new question should begin in a new line. Once you have finished writing all your questions, you are asked to provide a password. By entering password, you will be able to edit the questions later on.

Step 2

When you have created the Quiz questions, submit your questions. Now, you will be redirected to a link which will prompt you to open the QR challenge.

Step 3

This is the final step. Here instructions regarding how to proceed with the challenge are outlined.

You have to take the print out of the QR codes generated. Cut the QR codes according to size and hide them all throughout the school or play area. Remember, students will need to carry a smart phone equipped with a QR code reader (links to QR code reader given below). First the students have to find those QR questions then scan the QR code. After scanning the QR code, 1 point is assigned for every question which they find. 2 points are assigned for answering each question right.

Here are some free QR Code Reader Apps For iPhone.

Here’s a free QR Code Reader For Android.


QR treasure hunt is indeed a very interesting way of revising a chapter or teaching students the value of team work. The spirit of competition will instill in students the zeal to learn and memorize their answers even when the subject is boring. If you are a teacher and have enough space to conduct this game, you should definitely play this game with your students.

Access QR Treasure Hunt here.

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