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Splikity is a free online password manager that helps to store and manage your login credentials of different accounts. You can store username and password of any desired account and can login to that particular account automatically. Like many similar password managers, it helps you to get rid of remembering and typing passwords.

You need to create a free account and then it will help you to store login credentials on your Splikity account dashboard. As all passwords are saved in your account in cloud, so you can access and manage stored passwords from anywhere and from any browser.

Splikity also comes with browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.) app to make it more easy to use. After installing its app with your web browser, it helps to quickly save login credentials as well as login to that website in a single mouse click.

store and manage login credentials with Splikity

In above screenshot, you can see login credentials are filled automatically whenever you will come to a website whose credential have been stored by you to Splikity. It is a valuable online password manager and uses military grade encryption to protect your saved passwords.

Note: Apart from browsers app, it provides iPhone and iPad apps as well. Thus, you can access and manage your passwords using your phone as well. Android version is not available yet.

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How To Use This Free Online Password Manager?

You need to follow some simple steps and then you can use this online password manager, like a pro. These are the steps:

Step 1: Access its homepage link placed at the end of this review and sign up.

sign up

Step 2:  After sign up, install the browser app. This is useful as you won’t have to use dashboard of your account again and again to manually add login credentials of a particular website.

Step 3: Go to a particular website, and enter username and password. When you will login to that website, a pop up will open at top of webpage, like visible in screenshot below. In that pop up, you need to enter the name of that website, and select a category to store that website credentials to your Splikity account. By default, Personal, News, Shopping, etc. categories are available. But you can create your own category as well.

enter website name and choose category to store login credentials

Step 4: After entering the name of website and selecting a category, Use Save button. It will save login credentials of that website to your Splikity account.

Similarly, you can store passwords of other websites as well. Whether it is your social account credentials, a blog, or anything, you can use this free online password manager.

Step 4: This step helps to automatically login to any of the stored website. Whenever you will access a particular website, it will automatically add username and password at the required fields. If you use to sign in with different accounts to same website, it first lets you choose the required account for sign in, and auto insert username and password for that account.

select account to login automatically

You can also add websites and create categories by accessing the dashboard of your Splikity account. Login credentials of each saved website are stored to your account and you can edit details, can remove any website credentials, or can add more accounts.

access your Splikity account dashboard to manage saved websites


Splikity is a valuable password manager indeed. It is easy to use and lets you store and manage login credentials without any hassle. Its browser app for all modern browsers makes it more convenient to use and lets you quickly login to any website without manually inserting username and password.

Try Splikity free.

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