Jetpack Joyride: Free Running Game for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android

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Jetpack Joyride is a free awarding winning game app developed by HALFBRICK; the famous developers of Fruit Ninja. Jetpack Joyride, falls under the category of “running” games. But, in my opinion it is a cross between games like Contra, Copter and Temple Run. This game works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, as well as Android

The central mission is only to take the player as far as possible while dodging obstacles. The game is intriguing, addictive and indeed full of joys and jet-packs! Though, what really sets this game apart is the unmatched customization of characters, weird-yet-innovative jet-packs, the missions and the slot machine.


Let’s Play Jetpack Joyride:

Once downloaded the game is good to go, no registration etc is required.

Press play and the character barges into a lab. Wherein your agenda is to walk as farther as you can. But remember, one mistake and its over !

The coins are strewn across which the player has to collect as they help in upgrades.

The obstacles are in the form of fierce rays, electric wires, missiles.

Also, there are collectables in the game, which are basically vehicle power-ups. Admittedly,these are weird but are interesting at the same time. These include:

  • Mr. Cuddles which basically is a snake
  • Profit bird which yearns for coins
  • Lil Stomper which creates havoc in the lab
  • A Harley Davidson like vehicle
  • A Teleporter
  • An Anti-Gravity Suit

There are certain missions of each level, which when completed give coins and level-ups.

So, set high scores and keep up the good work!

Some other games that you can also try are: Falldown 3D, and Fruit Roll.

What I Like About Jetpack Joyride:

  • Aesthetically the game was appealing
  • The vehicle power-ups
  • The character customization
  • The level based missions, that keep the interests going
  • The lag free game
  • The perfectly detailed science lab environment
  • The slot machine after every chance
  • The innovative purchasable jet-packs

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The game practically has only one level/play area, which leads to monotony
  • Scientists running to save their lives pose no damage to the player

Final Verdict:

Jetpack Joyride, is a commendable game from Halfbrick. The Jetpack Joyride certainly makes you procrastinate work and barge into the lab again! It is a perfect game suitable for all. This game is a must try and I am sure you will be hooked onto it like never before. Also, remember it is a time killer in boring place and a life saver when surrounded by boring people!

I rate Jetpack Joyride a 4 out of 5.

Get it From Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

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Works With: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android
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