3 Content Summary Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 3 content summary extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to fetch content summaries and view content previews from websites. Time goes by very fast and there are a lot of news, stories and blog posts that’re created each second. Because of those two factors it can be a problem to stay in the loop and read everything that needs to be read. That’s where content summary apps come into play.

Let’s see how they work.


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TLDR is a content summary addon for Chrome which takes long texts that you come across on websites and creates a short summary of them. It’s an addon that’s true to its acronym of TLDR, To Long, Didn’t Read.

Please note that a summary cannot be created for every text. On some of them you’ll just receive a message “summarization failed, you’ll have to read it yourself”. On those that it does work, you’ll get a very precise summary, several summaries of different length actually (see the image above). TLDR adds an icon to the top right corner toolbar section from where you can call up the summary of the text that you have open in a tab down below.


Link Preview

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Link Preview is even better than TLDR, but the drawback of this content summary app for Chrome is that it only works for some websites.

Websites that are supported include Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube and a couple of popular tech blogs like Hacker News. Each website that’s supported will give you a pop-up box when you hover you mouse over a link. This pop-up box is the summary of content on that link. Readers of Wikipedia alone will love this addon. Each time that you wanna read a link on a certain article that leads to a different article without having to open that link, you just need to hover your mouse over that link. To know if Link Preview works on a certain website look for its logo in the address bar all the way to the right of the website URL.

Get Link Preview.


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Summarizer is the last content summary extension for Chrome on our list and it’s a really great extension to finish our list with.

It’s great because it works with all websites. To get a summary of a text you just need to select the text, right click and then select Summarize. A small box with the summary of the text is gonna pop up at the top of the text. You even get percentage points on how much the selected text was summarized. Quality of the summary is also great.

Get Summarizer.


We suggest that if you need an universal content summary extension for Chrome, one that will work with all websites, that you then give Summarizer a try. Even though they are all great extensions and apps to have installed, for Summarizer we can guarantee that it will work everywhere, as long as there’s text to summarize, it will be summarized by Summarizer. Leave a comment down below and let us know which addon you enjoyed using the most.

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