5 Free Piano Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 piano apps for Android which you can use to play the piano or at the very least learn how to play the piano on your Android powered smartphone or tablet. It goes without saying that playing a piano on Android is no where near the same to playing an actual piano, but the apps can be a great starting point where you can pick up on the basics before moving on to the real thing.

Perfect Piano for Android

Perfect Piano has practically everything that you’re gonna need to start learning how to play a piano. When you run the app, you’ll have to select between two main work modes: Keyboards and Learn to Play Mode.

piano apps android 1

Learn to Play lets you learn how to play the piano using the falling ball method, drop rectangle method, the music sheet method and it comes loaded with 70 sample songs to which you can practice. Image above shows the Keyboard mode, where you actually get to play the piano. Above the keys you can see the zoom tool, that lets you zoom in on different section of the piano.

Get Perfect Piano.

My Piano

With My Piano, you get a minimized piano, so that it fits on the screen of tablets and smartphones more easily.

piano apps android 2

This is actually just a piano app, there’s no learning involved. What is available is a large selection of alternative instruments to which you can switch, see image above. You can also record what you play or load and play piano alongside external MIDI files.

Get My Piano.

Magic Piano by Smule

We’re gonna deviate a bit from standard piano apps and talk about one that’s magical, called Magic Piano.

piano apps android 3

Now when you use this app, you don’t actually get a piano; only a collection of popular songs which you have to play. How do you play if there’s no piano? Well the notes are falling from the top as drops of water and your goal is to tap on them as they’re falling. We told you it’s a bit of an unorthodox piano app, but it’s a lot of fun, and we suggest that you give it a try.

Get Magic Piano by Smule.

Real Piano

Real Piano is standard piano app, it’s not a standard piano because as you can see from the screenshot down below the piano has been minimized to fit the small screen that Android devices have.

piano apps android 4

Real Piano lets you select the number of keys (2 settings), and you can browse through the piano keys that can’t be seen using the navigational buttons in the top right corner. Recorder is also available.

Get Real Piano.

Piano by nullapp

We picked Piano by nullapp because it’s very simple and lightweight app that can be installed even on older devices.

piano apps android 5

You get either a single keyboard or double keyboard. When using a double keyboard, you of course get more keys. Full piano keyboard is available, but you’ll have to browse through it, just like with Real Piano. Three piano types are available, Grand Piano, Electric Piano and Honkey Tonk.

Get Piano by nullapp.

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For learning how to play piano, we suggest you go with Perfect Piano, for having fun use Magic Piano and for casual piano playing there’s Real Piano. Other piano apps that we mentioned are also useful, but this is the combo that we’re gonna be using ourselves and recommend it to you to. Leave comments down below.

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