Free Puzzle Alarm Clock App for Android With Three Different Puzzles

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Alarm Puzzle is a free alarm clock app for Android that offers you three interesting alarm modes that you can choose to wake-up in the morning. These modes are: Feather Sleep, Shepherd, and The Rock. In all these modes, you have to perform some task on your phone to turn off the alarm. Theses modes can be set according to the sleeping habits of any person. The first mode basically offers you soothing alarm sound and you have to draw a particular pattern on screen. This mode can be used if you are alarm-friendly and punctual. The second mode of alarm offers you a shepherd game in which you have to shoot 5 sheeps to dismiss the alarm. The third mode shows glow buttons on screen, which glow in a particular pattern. You have to press the buttons in same order to shut down the alarm.

Alarm Puzzle-puzzles

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you can either dismiss the alarm or snooze it for 5 minutes (once it wakes up after snooze, you have to solve a puzzle again!). You can snooze the alarm only one time and that too for 5 minutes only.

In this alarm clock app, you can set multiple alarms and also set the recurring alarms. It lets you add labels to alarm that help in reminding the type of work you have to do when the alarm rings.

Alarm Puzzle- main interface

It is an ad supported free alarm clock app for android, that displays ads at the bottom when you set up the alarm and also on other different screens of the app.

To enjoy more out of free alarm clock app for Android, you can try Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android that offers you many other features with wake-up helpers. Or else try out some similar apps for Android, reviewed earlier by us.

Modes of Alarm Offered By This Free Alarm Clock App for Android:

It offers you three alarm modes, namely: Feather Sleep, Shepherd, and The Rock.

Alarm Puzzle- modes of alarm

Feather Sleep: This alarm mode is for those people, who are quite punctual and get up from sleep instantly as alarm rings.

Alarm Puzzle- Feather Sleep

As soon as the alarm rings, the app will draw a pattern on the screen. It will then erase the patterns. Then you will need to draw the same pattern. Only if you are able to draw the correct pattern, you will be able to dismiss the alarm.

Shepherd: This alarm mode is for those who have a habit of turning the alarm off and going to sleep. It offers you sheep counter in which you have to shoot down 5 sheep’s to shut down the alarm. For shooting the sheep, you need to tap on them.

Alarm Puzzle- Shepherd

The sheep will be bouncing all over the screen, so you will need to open your eyes wide to kill them.

The Rock: If you’re sleep lovers and hate to wake up, then this mode of alarm is just for you.

Alarm Puzzle- The Rock

It offers irritating rock banging kinda sound, along with four colored buttons, that glow one after the other, in a sequence. You have to follow the sequence and repeat the same to shut down and dismiss the alarm.

And do remember, while you are playing the puzzle, alarm is ringing all the time in the background. If you thought only your mother-in-law was nagging, wait till you try this app.

How To Set An Alarm Using Alarm Puzzle For Android?

You can download the app from the link provided at the end of this review. To set the alarm, you need to click on Add Alarm button.

Alarm Puzzle-add alarm, set time

As soon as you tap on this button, it quickly redirects you to the screen, where it offers you all the three alarm modes. Select the type of alarm mode, then set the time by adding alarm label to it. You can also set repeats, if required. You can follow the same procedure to set multiple alarms.

As soon as you set the alarm, you can see all your your alarms on the interface of the this free alarm clock app for Android. There you can select the alarm and check the time left to ring the alarm and the mode of alarm that you’ve chosen. Make sure you activate them or the required ones, if you want to be on time.

Once your alarm is dismissed, it offers you many funny badghes, that you can use to share your mood with your Facebook friends.

Alarm Puzzle- funny batch


One shortcoming I found in the app is that it does not show label of the alarm when the alarm sounds. So, it is kinds useless to put labels.

My Verdict About Alarm Puzzle For Android:

Alarm Puzzle is quite interesting free alarm app for Android, that lets you set alarm modes according to your sleep type. It does not let you choose the alarm sounds and therefore, you have to bear with the given options. The feature to add label was kind of useless, as it does not display while the alarm rings.

Overall it is quite simple and unique free alarm clock app for Android that can be tried at least once.

Get Alarm Puzzle for Android from here, or scan the QR code.

Alarm Puzzle-QR code

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