Android Alarm Clock App That Makes You Solve Puzzles To Turn off Alarm

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Puzzle Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock app for Android that makes you solve a puzzle to stop the alarm. It does not even has Snooze option! So, once the alarm starts ringing, only option you have is to full wake up and solve the puzzle correctly, so that you can stop the alarm :)

This alarm clock app for Android makes you solve random puzzles, like: captcha, math equations, patterns, etc. This is perfect for those who just snooze the alarm in the morning and go back to sleep.

As if that was not enough, this app also has the ability to send a SMS to any emergency contact, so that if you’re still asleep, the contact person will wake you up on time.

Puzzle Alarm Clock-puzzles

One interesting feature of this app is that, it has the ability to launch any type of app after the alarm is dismissed.

Puzzle Alarm Clock is quite different from the ones that we reviewed earlier, as it offers you various unique alarm dismiss modes, which is quite interesting. It keeps ringing until you’re completely awake.

The app is ad supported. It displays ads while you are setting the alarm (using the app).

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How To Set Puzzle Alarm Clock For Android?

You can easily download this free alarm clock app for Android from the link provided at the end of this review.

You can set an alarm by clicking on the plus button icon located at the topmost right corner of the screen.

Puzzle Alarm Clock-set alarm

It quickly redirects you to the screen, where it displays all the options, such as: Repeat, Sound Settings, Dismiss Mode, Snooze, Wake-up helpers, and App after alarm.

Puzzle Alarm Clock-options

Setting alarm is not a big deal with this Puzzle Alarm Clock. Like in any alarm app, here also you can set the time along with the recurring, if any. You can choose the alarm sound from your Android device. You can also adjust alarm volume.

Puzzles to Dismiss Alarm:

The war against sleep and alarm begins when you choose the dismiss modes. It offers you 4 dismiss modes, that you can use to dismiss the alarm. They are:

Normal: This mode makes this app same as any normal alarm app. So, you can just turn off the alarm with one click. Goes without saying, if you are someone who needs this type of alarm clock app, then this is not the mode you would go for.

QR: As you dismiss the alarm, it has the ability to send the QR code with the ticking sound. However, I wasn’t able to understand the purpose of this feature in the app.

Puzzle Alarm Clock-Puzzle option

Puzzle: This is the most interesting feature of this application. It offers you 4 minigames, that you can select to switch off the alarm sound. Lets me explain you each one in detail:

  • Color + Shapes: It offers you set of colored shapes, that occur in sequence. Until, you select the correct sequence, your alarm continues to ring.
  • Memory Cards: It displays bunch of cards in which some are colored-cards in Blue, Red, etc. To dismiss the alarm you need to choose the correct arranged sequence of the cards.
  • Math Equation: Who does math problems just to wake up from the sound sleep. Yes, this app has the ability to compel you to do so. It shows random math equations that you need to solve to switch off the alarm.
  • Captcha: This is one of the most interesting one among these. It’ll surely widen up your eyes, if you enter wrong sequence of captcha.

You can choose any one of these, or even choose multiple dismiss options to dismiss the alarm. In addition, you can also set the difficulty levels of these puzzles. Apart from that, you can also add numbers of games to play, up to 5, if it is very difficult for you to get up.

If you solve a puzzle incorrectly, you just get a message “Wrong Answer” and the alarm keeps ringing (see screenshot below). The screenshot below has a button for “Snooze”.. don’t worry, it does not works in free version ;)

Puzzle Alarm Clock-wrong answer

Shake: In this option, you have to shake your phone to close the alarm. You can set the number of shakes from “A few shakes” to “Lots of Shakes”. I would be very careful while choosing this option, as if you are in deep sleep and have to shake phone vigorously, the phone might slip from your phone. That will surely wake you up ;)

Other Options in this Alarm Clock App for Android:

This app also has the ability to set wake-up helpers. It provides you three options for that: Set Emergency Contact, Camera Flash, and Snooze button.

Puzzle Alarm Clock-wake up helpers

It can send a SMS to emergency contact, so that if that person reads the message, he calls you to wake up. Otherwise, if you choose camera flash, it keeps flashing the flashlight on your phone until you dismiss the alarm.

Snooze button is a paid option, so will need to shell out some money to get those extra minutes of sleep.

In addition, this app has the ability to launch any app, immediately when you stop the alarm, which I found interesting. I would personally set a music player here, so that as soon as I am up, some nice music starts playing.

My Verdict About Puzzle Alarm Clock:

Puzzle Alarm Clock offers quite interesting alarm dismiss features that make sure you are completely awake. People who keep snoozing alarm are gonna have seriously hard time with this free alarm clock app for Android.

Get Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android here, or scan the QR code:

Puzzle Alarm Clock-QR Code

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