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S10 password vault is a free password manager which ensures that users are able to log into any website or program securely. All account data is stored on the user’s PC or a portable device. When downloading, users must decide which version – the standard installer or, aforementioned, portable version.

This password manager allows users to configure the program to suit their needs. For example, one is able to set accounts to login upon the launch of a website or program. The option to manually login is also offered for those who still prefer this slower method.

S10 Password Vault

S10 Password Vault is easy to use and has an easily navigated interface which does not irritate users with technical jargon and confusing options. Users do not need to deal with complicated browser tool-bars or annoying plug-ins as the application supports any program and browser used today. A built-in autotype function allows users to switch between interface windows without having you copy/paste usernames, passwords or other account information.

Following downloading and installing, users must create their own ‘master’ password which is used to access the password vault. NB: A secure password should contain a mixture of numbers and letters in upper and lower case format; using a sentence or phrase is also acceptable – the longer the more secure. It is imperative that you save this ‘master’ password in a secure place. If you should lose or forget your password, your data is effectively lost as there is no ‘back door’ into the vault. You can also read about free online password manager that we reviewed earlier is Clipperz and Mitto.

The free password manager will make sure all your private data is stored in a single secure vault file on your PC. This data is heavily encrypted with an impenetrable standard 256-bit AES algorithm – one of the strongest encryptions used today. Users are also able to take advantage of the ‘Change password’ screen that allows supplementation of passwords with a generated key file on a USB drive. Once users have created a password the next step is to add all passwords and other information from the websites and programs where accounts are kept.

The arrangement of this information is entirely up to the user. Using the drag-and-drop option to arrange information within folders and files is simple. With all information arranged, users are able to specify websites or programs, of their choice, he or she requests to launch upon opening. Using the same option, users are also able to manually insert passwords into login pages, by clicking on the password request icon on a website or program.

S10 Password Vault also contains a key-logging blocking device which, as the name suggests, foils any keylogger from obtaining the user’s private passwords. This particular security measure is one of many reasons why this password manager is considered, by many, to be a state-of-the-art technological savvy program, ensuring the safety of all private information.

This free password manager features an array of different icons and easily understood options that make navigating the program child’s play. Indeed, S10 password Vault will keep your passwords secure.

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