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RouteHappy is a free online air travel comparison site which you can use to find out what’s the best airplane company, which one offers better planes, seats, prices, what the food is like and much more. To use it you just have to enter the departure and destination location, departure time, cabin type and the number of travelers. RouteHappy will after that present you with a list of airplane companies which existing customers have reviewed and scored, starting with the best ones of course.

This free online air travel comparison site can be used without registration. As soon you open up the website you’re gonna see the travel configurator, pictured on the image above. This is where you’re be setting up all the flight parameters that we mentioned a few lines back.

RouteHappy default window

Here’s how RouteHappy works explained in a few short steps:

  • 1. Open up the main websites and configure flight departure arrival locations
  • 2. Go through the list of found airplane companies, rated by RouteHappy users
  • 3. Find the flight which has the best price/features ratio

To search for best flights you don’t have to register, but account is required if you would like to submit your own experience with an airplane company. That’s basically how RouteHappy collects information and rates flights. Users submit their experiences and score flight companies that they’ve used. Key features of RouteHappy – free online air travel comparison site are:

  • Easy to use – quickly find out information about airplane companies
  • Without registration – unless you’re submitting info, you don’t need to register
  • Provides information about seat size, in-flight entertainment, power outlet availability, Wi-Fi availability, etc.
  • Find out and sort the flight companies based on prices, overall satisfaction and more

How to compare airplane companies with RouteHappy – free online air travel comparison site

Visit the RouteHappy website, links available down below, and select the from and to locations. You’ll need to type in city names here. All the major airports of major cities are supported.

RouteHappy flights

Once you’ve filled out everything and clicked on Search, you’ll have to wait for a few seconds for RouteHappy to gather information for the flight route that you’ve entered. It doesn’t take too long, and very soon you’re gonna be presented with a list of airplane companies,flight prices, lay overs (if there are any), and all the other flight info that we mentioned is available.


RouteHappy will save you a lot of money and nerves, especially if you’re not very experienced when it comes to air travel. Those who do fly a lot probably already know which company is good and which one is bade, but for novice travelers it’s practically impossible to know which one offers the most for the least money. You don’t have to register account in order to use this free online air travel comparison site, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time on filling out registration forms. The only thing that’s a bit of a drawback is that not all flights are properly documented. Some less known flights won’t have as much reviews as those which are a more popular, which is understandable. Free to use.

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