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Readlang Web Reader is a free Chrome extension which helps you learn a foreign language by translating the words on any webpage. While reading a webpage, it can quickly translate any selected word from your native language to any other language (like French, German, Spanish, etc.) which you want to learn. Although the same task can be done by any other language translation extensions or online tools, but this extension is a bit special and comes with advanced features. It automatically generates flashcards of words selected by you for translation and lets you use those flashcards to memorize the foreign words.

Apart from this, it also opens a dictionary for viewing the meaning and definition of selected word without leaving the active webpage. Moreover, it also lets you import a particular webpage to the Library of Readlang website. After importing the webpage, it activates the reading view where you can translate words, open dictionary, and learn the language you want to learn in a much easier way.

learn a foreign language by translating the words and generating the flashcards

The above screenshot shows the words translated by this extension and flashcards generated for those words. You can translate as many words as you want, but to generate flashcards and use other features, you must create a free account.

If not this, then you can try any of these free websites to learn foreign languages by talking to natives.

Key Features of This Free Foreign Language Learning Chrome Extension:

Most of the features of this extension are accessible using the pop-up window (by clicking on the extension icon). Other features can be accessed by opening your Readlang account in a tab. Have a look at some important features:

  • It supports more than 40 languages.
  • You can select multiple words (max. 6 words) as a phrase for the translation. However, only 10 phrases can be translated in a day.
  • You can access your Readlang account to see the list of words collected by you, mark the words Favorites, listen to the pronunciation of any word, etc.
  • Using its pop-up window, you can open a dictionary for the selected foreign language in a sidebar. It automatically provides suitable dictionary based on the foreign language set by you.
    activate the dictionary
  • Enable the Reading Mode: You can enable the reading mode by clicking on its extension icon and selecting the Import to Readlang option. Reading mode helps to view only the text content of the active webpage and lets you easily translate words, open dictionary, etc., within the reading mode.
    enable the reading mode

How to Learn a Foreign Language using This Free Chrome Extension?

Use this link to open the homepage of this extension and install it. Now open a webpage and click on the icon of this extension (available at top right corner or your browser). It will open a pop up of this extension. Using that pop-up, you can create a free account.

create a free account

After this, use that pop up to select your native language and the language you want to learn. After this, when you click on a word available on that webpage, it will immediately translate that word to the foreign language. In the same way, you can translate more and more words.

select the launguages and translate the words

If you want to know more about a particular word, you can open the dictionary as a sidebar using the pop-up.

When you are done with translating, you can use the same pop-up to access Review Flashcards option. It will direct you to your Readlang account and generate the flashcards for you. Now you can play with those flashcards and try your best to memorize those words.

play with Flashcards to learn the language


Readlang Web Reader is indeed a fantastic Chrome extension. Using this extension was a very interesting and good experience for me. I’m gonna use this extension for a long time to learn new words and languages.

Get Readlang Web Reader Chrome extension.

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