Quick Network Connection Switcher For Windows: NetConnectChoose

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NetConnectChoose is a very simple to use, portable network connection chooser which allows you to quickly switch network connections that are in use, when multiple adapters are available.

You might not know this, but multiple connections are possible, if you for example have Ethernet and a wireless adapter active at the same time. With NetConnectChoose, connection switching, to determine the default one, is very easy.

Interface of NetConnectChoose is very simple. The only thing that you’re gonna get is a list of network adapters and the standard menu toolbar combo in the top left corner of the screen.

NetConnectChoose default window

This is an application from the NirLauncher set of system tools that we talked about before (like, Nirlauncher, Password Security Scanner, and CustomExplorerToolbar). How many entries you’re gonna see on the list depends on the number of network adapters and connections attached to them. Users with more than one adapter are usually laptop owners, where both Ethernet and wireless interfaces are available.

Key features of NetConnectChoose – free network connection selection software for Windows are:

  • Portable – doesn’t require installation in order to be used
  • Network connection switching – change default connection in one click
  • Find out connection info – MAC address, time, data transfered, IP address
  • HTML export of the connection list is available and can be setup
  • Find tool – for large lists of connections search tool is available
  • System tray icon – can be minimized to the system tray when no needed

Multiple connections are possible, like we already mentioned, when multiple adapters are available. Switching between them usually means that you have to navigate through Windows settings until you find the list of connections and once you’re there, select a different default connection. With NetConnectChoose everything is much more easier to manage, because you’re presented with a list of network connections right away.

How to quickly change the default network connection in Windows with NetConnectChoose

Switching between network adapters and connections using this free network switcher for Windows requires you to find the network connection and adapter that you would like to use as the default on the list, right click on it and select the Set As Default Connection option.

NetConnectChoose options

Other options are also available. Properties for example will show you detailed information about the selected connection.

NetConnectChoose connection info

The scroll bar down below can also be used to navigate through the connection info, it’s also spread out through the columns on the right. To view HTML report from all the available connections, simply select View >> HTML report.


Users who have a lot of network adapters and connection setup on their computers, for whatever reason, be it work, security, if you have VPN connections, probably know how time consuming and tricky it is to switch between adapters and connections. NetConnectChoose makes the process of selecting and switching between connections very easy, in just a few clicks you can have your connection changed. Activate the system tray icon by selecting Options >> Put Icon On Tray to make the selecting even more easier. Free download.

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