4 Image Viewers to Browse Images Inside Zip Files / Rar Files

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View images inside Zip files with these 4 image viewers to browse images inside Zip files/Rar files. These software can actually help you browse images inside Zip/Rar Files without even extracting them. This way you can know what’s inside the Zip/Rar file without having to extract them first.

Some of these software allow you to only browse images. Some even allow to view slideshow of the images. Some even allow to edit the images. Two of these software allow you to copy the images directly to clipboard so that you can share or paste the images anywhere you want. Almost all of these software support full screen view and image rotation.

I am going to discuss these 4 software today to view images inside zip files: Cdisplayex, MComix, Quivi, and Honeyview.

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Cdisplayex is a free Comic Book Reader, which can also help browse images inside Zip and Rar files without extracting them. Here you can either simply drag and drop the Zip/Rar File or you can even load those files. And the Images inside the Zip files simply appear on the interface of Cdisplayex. It allows you to resume viewing the last file. You can copy any image to clipboard using this software, this way you can you can directly paste the image anywhere. It supports navigation options like View First Image, View Last Image, View Previous Image, and View Next Image. It basically does not support high end image editing, however it can automatically correct the color of the image.


MComix is a free image viewer specially designed to handle most of the comic book formats. It can also helps to view images inside Zip/Rar files without extracting them. Once you load the Zip/Rar file, it automatically starts showing all the images inside the Zip file. It also shows Thumbnails of all the images on the left side of its interface. It also has navigation options like First Page, Previous Page, Go to Page, Next page, and Last Page. It also supports Slide Show.You can enhance Brightness, Contrast, Sauration, and Sharpness of images with MComix.


Quivi is a free image viewer with a specialty of reading Comics and Manga. It also has a special ability to show zipped images without extracting them. You just need to drag and drop the Zip folder on its interface, and the images automatically appear on the interface. It also shows thumbnails of all the images inside the folder on the left. It also allows to set images from the Zip folder as desktop wallpaper. It supports image rotations and full screen view. It supports 6 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Polish.


Honeyview is a useful image viewer to view images inside Zip/Rar Files and folders, without extracting them. It supports slideshow and full screen view. For Slideshow, you can choose delay from 1 to 90 seconds. It also allows you to crop and resize images. You can copy image to clipboard using Honeyview. It also allows you to open images in external image editors like Paint, Paint.NET, etc. You can also set images as desktop background with Honeyview. You can view Geo location of images on Google map directly, if available. It also shows the EXIF data images on screen.


All 4 of these image viewer software easily show the images inside Zip/Rar Files without extracting those images. My personal favorite is Honeyview, as this not only allow us to browse images but it also lets us crop and resize images, and it also allows to open images with external images editors. Which one do you like the best?

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