What is Cloud Gaming

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What is Cloud Gaming ” is a question often put forth these days. With the cloud in gaining prominence, gaming has made an astronomical leap in current times. Gone are those days when you played on your bulky consoles, Playstations or Wii consoles. What is cloud gaming, let us simplify this complex term. In simple words, when you play a game over the cloud, then you don’t need to load it over your CPU or console. Moreover you don’t need a powerful Internet connection. Also the graphics are of  high quality. This is what cloud gaming is all about. Cloud Games look better, feel better and your machine breathes better.

Nowadays companies have allotted dedicated servers providing cloud computing options. Cloud Gamers get High Quality Multi playing options available within the Game. You can combat with any player in any corner of the world. By now you must have understood what is cloud computing all about. What is cloud gaming best suited for? For one, team playing, video games like Halo. And secondly, you don’t need powerful computers or gaming consoles for better gaming experience.

What is Cloud Gaming Advantage over other modes of Gaming ?

  • Play games on modest systems, you don’t need cutting edge technology on your system to play games. The games are played on servers.
  • You can use a 1.5 mbps DSL connection to play cloud games.
  • Gaming on Demand, you can play games whenever
  • Play any sort of game, right from the archaic DOS and ATARI games to all the brand new Windows and MAC Games.
  • Best for developers, developers can code in any language they want to. Cloud gaming employs the servers only for games which can store and process all kinds of code languages.
  • Play DOS games on newer Operating Systems.
  • Prevention of Cheating and Hacking.
  • Cloud Gaming can reduce the cost of gaming, No more purchase of limited edition games at exorbitant prices.
  • Play on your Television with minor ramification like purchasing a set-top box.

What is Cloud Gaming best suited for :

  • For International Gaming, Cloud Gaming is the best option.
  • For Animated Social Networking Games, Free Facebook games will be boosted with cloud gaming options.
  • Gaming with Chatting, Game and Chat is still a limited option (though Rounds, a free Facebook app which can perform both these functions).
  • Game Hubs, Game hubs can be set up on small budgets and still receive High Quality gaming.
  • Advanced Arcade Gaming, Newer games with high-end options mentioned above .
  • Even Outdated systems with a lower bandwidth can enjoy cloud gaming .

Cloud Gaming Sins:

Right at the moment just two: Bandwidth and network quality.

If you still trying to grasp what is cloud computing, then you could refer to Wikipedia. There are many cloud gaming enterprises coming up like Onlive and Gaikai.

If you want to protect your cloud data, we have reviewed some free cloud based Antivirus.

Summarizing this post on Cloud Gaming, this option helps you graze unnecessary hardware and bandwidth. Try Cloud Gaming Free.

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