How to Find Read and Write Speed of Flash Drive

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Flashbench is free software using which you can find the speed of the USB flash drive. In Flashbench software, you can test any drive and see the read and write speed of the drive. Flashbench displays the read and write speed of the drive by testing the drive for data packets of different sizes. You can even test your Hard drive’s read and write speed, this is another feature I liked in Flashbench software.

I have tested the Flashbench software in windows 7 and it worked great for me. You can see below to get an idea of how the Flashbench software looks like:

User Interface Of Flashbench:

The user interface is simple and very easy to understand. The options are limited and you can only test the drive speed. In Flashbench software you have the option to select the drive, test the drive and nothing more. Also, along with the USB Flash drive testing, you can test the different drives on your computer hard drive as well. You can see the image below to get an idea of how the user interface of the Flashbench looks like while the testing is going on.

How To Test Read and Write Speed of Flash Drive:

In order to Test USB Speed you have to follow the simple steps as described below:

  1. Get the Flashbench software (link provided at the bottom of page) and then Run it.
  2. You will have the user interface screen of the Flashbench software.
  3. From the top left, you can select the drive letter where your Flash Drive is attached.
  4. Then select Benchmark button and your Flash Drive speed testing will start.
  5. The testing will take some time depending upon the speed of the Flash drive.

After the testing is done, you will have the speed result and a web report link as shown below.

You can just copy and paste the report link in the browser and you will have the result shown in an interactive way as shown below. Hover your mouse on any of the points on the graph to check the speed of the flash drive at that packet data size.

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The Flashbench is great software for testing the read and write speed of Flash Drive. What I really liked is that the Flashbench software has very simple interface, and the drive speed testing requires just one click. It is good software if you want to quickly find read and write speed of Flash Drive.

Go ahead and try Flashbench.

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