5 Free USB protection Software To Protect PC From Infected USB Drive

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Here, are 5 free USB protection software to protect your computer from infected USB drive. Infected USB drive harms your PC in various ways. With the help of these free USB protection software, you can prevent malware and other harmful elements from causing any kind of harm to your computer.

So in order to prevent your system from infected USB drive, you can have any of these USB protection software on your computer. Of course, most of the antivirus software also provide this type of protection, but I would rather relax knowing that I have a dedicated software to take care of this.

MCShield 2

MCShield is a free USB protection software that helps you to protect your computer from infected USB drive. This smart software basically provides the protection against the malware programs which gets transmitted through removable devices. The user-interface of this software is well-organized and makes it possible even for the beginners to easily operate it. The good part about this free security software is that, it comes with an automatic mode to automatically check the connected device for any kind of threats. So it automatically does everything and keeps your drive secured without any manual intervention. MCShield acts like a protection shield for your computer and keeps you computer safe from malware and other harmful elements that can come from infected Flash drives.

Read more about MCShield 2 or try it here.

Bitdefender USB Immunizer

USB Immunizer

Bitdefender USB Immunizer is another free USB protection software that gives a protection or immunity against infected Flash drives. This free security software offers a two-way protection, as it protects your computer from infected USB devices and also protects your removable devices from being infected. This free security software provides protection against AutoRun files which automatically execute themselves as soon as you plug-in a flash drive into your computer. As I mentioned above, you can also use this software to protect your flash dives, it offers protection in such a way that AutoRun files cannot be created on the flash drives. And you should always keep in mind that this security software only provides protection against the infection though AutoRun files.

Read more about Bitdefender USB Immunizer or try it here. Don’t forget to check out some best free USB encryption software.

Panda USB Vaccine

Panda USB Vaccine is another free security software which basically allows you to protect your computer from infected USB drives. Apart from providing you protection against infected Flash drives, it also protects you against infected CD/DVD that can cause harm to your system. This USB protection software basically blocks the AutoRun files, in order to prevent those malware programs which automatically run themselves. Like the above included Bitdefender USB Immunizer, this one also comes with a two-way protection. Panda USB Vaccine supports multiple languages and comes with quick and easy installation wizard. Download Panda USB Vaccine for free.

Read more about Panda USB Vaccine or try it here.

USB Guardian

USB Guardian is another free software which aims to protect your computer from infected Flash drives. This free security software repeatedly scans your system for any removable USB device. It basically scans and detects all the harmful AutoRun files on a USB drive, it separates these AutoRun files and blocks them from accessing your computer. This free software sits in your system tray and works from your system tray itself. This free security software comes with a main window which shows potentially harmful files and this software even offers you with few configuration options to configure this smart tool according to your preference. Download USB Guardian for free and give extra protection to your computer right now.

Read more about USB Guardian or try it here.

Ninja Pendisk

Ninja Pendisk is another free USB protection software which provides a protection to your computer against infected USB drives. This free security software is easy to use and finishes off it’s job within a few couple of seconds. This free security software guards your system against malicious files like autorun.inf, ctfmon.exe, etc. Ninja pendisk does not require any kind of installation, as you simply need to download it and launch it. It basically resides on your system tray and does it’s job from your system tray itself. In addition, this free security software has got a capability to immunize your flash drive and generate a folder named as autorun.inf along with special protection to protect your pen drive from again getting infected.

Read more about Ninja Pendisk or try it here.

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