USB Guardian To Protect Computer Against Infected USB Drives

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USB Guardian is a free computer security software that lets you protect computer against infected USB drives. Infected USB drives are one of the most common methods of getting PC infected with computer virus. So in order to block or prevent those harmful autorun files from entering into your computer, you must use USB guardian or other computer protection software like MCShield, Panda USB Vaccine and Bitdefender USB Immunizer.

USB Guardian

USB Guardian is a small in size security software which sits and works from your system tray itself. This free security software runs in the background, and it regularly scans your computer USB drive for any removable USB devices.

As soon as you insert a removable USB device, it detects the USB device and further detects the malware programs within them. And further helps you in gaining protection against these harmful malware programs effortlessly.

USB Guardian 001

USB Guardian is an easy to use software which provides you with few options when you right-click the system tray icon of this security software. This software to protect computer provides you with options like Main Window, Config, Help, About and Exit. Main Window option obviously takes you to the main window of this security software. The main window of this security software has got a very basic and clean user interface and shows you all the locked suspicious files within a USB drive. Within this main window you will find options like unlock, delete, delete all, refresh, config, etc to unlock the locked files, delete the suspicious file and to configure the software according to your preference.

USB Guardian 002

Working Of USB Guardian To Protect Computer:

USB Guardian works in a smart way, as it identifies the removable USB drive connected to your computer and detects the harmful autorun files present within the USB drive. Now, what it does is, it separates the autorun files and completely blocks them from accessing your computer. Further it checks for additional harmful files on the USB drive and locks them. And this is possible by deeply analyzing the autorun files and extracting the references to exe files that may run as you insert the USB drive.

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Key Features Of USB Guardian To Protect Computer:

  • Config option to configure this software according to your preference.
  • Clean and straight-forward user interface.
  • Allowed to unlock the locked suspicious files at your risk.
  • Delete suspicious files.
  • Works from your system tray.
  • Lightweight computer protection software.
  • Seperates the autorun files and blocks them from accessing your computer.

USB  Guardian is a simple to use computer protection software to prevent your computer from harmful autorun files. USB Guardian let’s you enjoy file sharing and data sharing via removal USB devices without worrying about the computer protection.

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