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Note.Ly is an online sticky notes website that lets you store  sticky notes online. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun too. You can add notes, to-do lists, customize backgrounds, change font sizes and much more. You can even choose to make your notes public or private. Add to this the fact that it is super simple to use, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Read on to find out more about this great free Web Service.


Note.Ly Online Sticky Notes Website: Creating a Free Account

You must’ve noticed that I’ve said that Note.Ly is super simple to use. Check their homepage, and you’ll know what I mean. The homepage is clean, uncluttered and the UI just looks like a giant pin board. Great way to drive the main focus point of your service home.


Looks gorgeous doesn’t it? The homepage manages to stay minimal while looking absolutely great. There’s just a black bar at the top. The left side of that bar consists of some icons that help you to post your sticky notes online. On the right you have the regular gear icon for settings, and of course the links to either login or signup for a free account.

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Note.Ly: Signing up  and primary UI

This is so simple that I really don’t think I should even be writing about it. But here at ILFS, we try to make things as easy for our readers as possible. Any ways, all you have to do is click the Sign-up link at the right, fill up your details, and you’re good to go. You’re directly logged into the account. The service does send you a confirmation mail, but you can always read it later on. First thing to do is to see what kinds of fun we can have with Note.Ly


Some points about the above screenshot and the UI elements shown:

The options on the top left:

  • The first icon lets you add a note to your board.
  • The second lets you add a to-do list.
  • You can add an image with the third
  • Change your note color with the fourth one.

The options on the top right:

  • Wall Options: Customize the look of your pin board (change background, make it private or public, choose a custom URL).
  • Account Options: Change your password
  • Logout: You know what that means 

Adding stuff to your online pin board

I believe the best way to illustrate this feature is to just add some sample stuff to our pin board and see what can be done with it


  • The Blue colored note has been added (added via first icon on the left).
  • The Purple colored note is still being edited (added via first icon on the left).
  • The Yellow note is actually the to-do list (note the cross marks against each item to check-off the items that have been done).

You can also add images from your device to your pin board by using the third icon on the left. However, the images should be JPEG, GIF or PNG format only, and under 500KB.


Options Related to your Wall (or pin board)


These options let you configure some vital settings related to your wall (or pin board). They are briefly explained below:

  • Wall Visibility: When checked, your wall’s visibility will be public. This means that anyone who knows the custom URL to your wall can access it.
  • Vanity URL: You can give your wall a URL of your choice. And if it’s publicly visible, anyone can access it by that custom URL (example of custom URL:
  • Wall Background: You can customize your wall’s background with any of the four given texture backgrounds (The wooden ones look insanely cool).

Note.Ly: Features Summarized

  • Add as many free notes, to-do lists, and images as you want.
  • Customize the look and color of each of your notes individually.
  • Move your stuff easily across the wall.
  • Customize the wall itself with cool backgrounds. Set privacy of your wall as per your choice.


Post-it Stickies are a great way of keeping important notes. And free services like Note.Ly make these notes so much better, by adding the convenience of a digital free account with the cool look of traditional sticky notes. I suggest you give this great free service a try, you would love it. After all, who doesn’t like those cute square brightly colored pieces of paper.

Do you use Note.Ly? How good you find it to be? Let me know in the comments below.

Try Note.Ly here.

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