NASA Activities for Kids: Online e-Books, Videos, Podcasts

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In this article, you will find NASA activities for kids with online e-Books, videos, Podcasts, and more. All these activities are offered by NASA.

The Coronavirus Outbreak has put the world on halt. Various services are unserviceable currently and people are finding it difficult to keep themselves engaged amid the lockdown. Various countries have advised people to self-quarantine themselves.

During this quarantine period, people are turning to the internet for various entertainment activities and we are here to tell you how you can make the most out of this quarantine time for yourself, your children and the whole family as well. 

Children are difficult to engage in when there is nothing to learn in this lockdown. For this, various educational websites have turned their educational courses and other infotainment services virtual. NASA at Home is one such platform where you can explore the world of entertainment and education in fun ways for yourself and your children as well.

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NASA activities for kids

NASA Activities for Kids: Online e-Books, Videos, Podcasts

When you visit NASA website, you can see this service at the home screen itself “NASA at Home”. As mentioned on the website, NASA at Home service helps you “bring the universe at your home”.

There are various services available on this platform such as e-Books, Activities for Kids and whole family, how you can contribute to NASA and be a scientist yourself, Virtual tours and apps, Podcasts and Videos.


read ebooks by NASA

E-books section lets you explore various kinds of books in genres like Aircraft and Aeronautics, Astronomy and Planetary Exploration, Earth Sciences, and History. These e-books are originally sourced from the NASA libraries and can be accessed in various formats like e-book reader [EPUB], PDF, HTML, Kindle [MOBI], iBook, etc.

Also, here you can find other related recent and latest articles on the left sidebar, which are based on the on-going activities of the universe.

Family and Kids Section

This second section provides information and activities related to the NASA programs. Various links on this page provide you access to different interactive and educatory platforms based on different genres such as General Topics, Astronomy and Planetary Explorations, Earth Sciences, Human Space Flight. These links contain the interactive activities, downloadable informative material about the universe, apps, Virtual Tours and Augmented Realities of the different space facilities and stations, and learning spaces.   

Be a Scientist

Through this platform, NASA provides various opportunities to the citizens so that they can contribute to the various ongoing research. This platform provides interactive services where you can interact and learn about the on-going research on various aspects of Earth as well as the universe. 

Virtual tours and apps

If you are interested in getting to know about how a space station and space facilities look like, you can explore this section on NASA at Home. This section also has links to the various apps that you can download on your mobile phone and explore news and studies on the go.


This section covers the latest talks and news about the various researches and activities going on about topics like exploring space and universe, the moon landing, technological advancements, etc.


If you are not the person who reads too much, then you can explore a video section where you can find a different kind of information about space exploration, Solar sciences, astronomy, Human Space Flights, and much more.  

In Brief

If you want to make the most out of your quarantine time and you have an interest in exploring the earth and the universe, then NASA at Home can be a wonderful platform for you.

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