A Simple and Elegant Online RSS Reader: Good Noows

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Good Noows is a free online RSS Reader that lets you read the latest news and RSS feeds from your favorite sites. It’s a simple, yet elegant RSS feed reader that combines the latest posts from multiple news and RSS sources and presents them for you in a beautifully organized format. Good Noows comes pre-loaded with several news sources and allow you to add more sources of your choice.

We have earlier covered many free RSS Reader applications, and since when Google has announced that its going to shut down Google Reader, we are constantly trying to find some good alternatives for you. Good Noows is one such free, online RSS Reader that bundles many great features you find on Google Reader. Plus, it provide few more interesting features that makes it easier for you to catch up all latest news from most popular websites.

good noowz interface

Getting Started with Good Noows:

Good Noows is completely free and you can start using the service just by signing up with your Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter, or LinkedIn login credentials.

Once you sign in, you will be provided with a list of popular news sources from where you can choose the ones you want to get daily feeds from. These have been placed under different categories including Politics and World, Business and Finance, Sports, Culture and Entertainment, Science and Technology, Lifestyle and Fashion, Travel, Health, and lot more! And if you don’t find the desired source listed there, you can add it to your stream by providing its RSS link or website address.

good noows sources

Apart from that, you can choose from a number of beautiful visual layouts for each category and save the changes to customize your Good Noows account. Once you are done, you can proceed with reading latest stories and new feeds from your favorite websites in a visually pleasing way.

Read News Feeds from Good Noows:

Good News streamlines all news and RSS feeds from your favorite and other popular websites and keeps you up to date with the latest stories from every possible source.

good noows news

A single click on any given story will open it in a container window, where you will get links to other stories on the same site (source). It also contains a”Read More” link which will redirect you to the parent website and open the page containing full article in new tab.

good noows full news

You can also use the “Search” and “Filter” options to search for a specific post and mark the searched term as label to later filter the search quickly.

Key Features of this free Online RSS Reader:

  • Free online RSS Reader service.
  • Lets you read latest news, posts, articles, stories from your favorite websites in a convenient way.
  • Simple and elegant interface.
  • Comes pre-loaded with several popular websites and news sources.
  • Lets you add more sources by pasting website URL or RSS link.
  • Displays the region and language of each source.
  • Focus on social networking and presentation.
  • Provides 12 beautiful visual layouts to choose from.
  • Loads one page after another in continuation.
  • Search and Filter options.
  • Change font size option.
  • Share feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, and Yahoo!
  • Share feeds via mail.
  • Easy to use.

The Final Verdict:

Good Noows is a simple and nice online RSS Reader. It pulls in all latest feeds from your favorite sources and organize them in a stylish way, without complication things on the interface. Good Noows is extremely easy-to-use, and it lets you read or share feeds in a convenient way. If you love to discover latest news from various web sources, Good Noows is a must try one!

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