5 Free Web Alternatives for Google Reader

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Here, is a list of 5 free web alternatives for Google Reader.

Google has recently announced that it’s going to shut down its most popular (and undoubtedly the most useful) web service: Google Reader. This news has not only left everybody in shock, but also increased the need of finding some good alternative for their RSS subscriptions. So here we are, with 5 free web-based RSS Readers that will serve as good alternatives for Google Reader.

Google Reader is a popular RSS or web feed reader that lets you subscribe for different websites and web blogs and read news updates from them regularly. Unfortunately, Google has decided to kick-off this amazing service due to its declining usage (something which is hard to believe). So it’s time to find some good alternatives for Google Reader that will help you manage all your RSS subscriptions from a single and organized platform.

To help you out, we have found a bunch of free and reliable web alternative for Google Reader. Have a look and try them out!



Feedly is one of the most popular web service that lets you read, organize, and share content from your favorite websites. It’s available both as a web app and downloadable app for iOS and Android platforms and provide efficient ways for Google Reader users to keep intact with their RSS Feeds.

Another interesting fact about Feedly is that it’s constantly working on building a Feedly clone for Google Reader API to seamlessly integrate feeds from your existing Google Reader account once the service shuts down. Feedly will implement this by interacting with your Google Reader account and storing feeds on its own back-end.

Click on the link given below to try out Feedly.

Try here: Check out Feedly here.



Next is NetVibes, another free web reader that lets you subscribe to RSS Feeds from different Web Pages and Blogs. It offers a Google Reader like interface and acts more like a social-media dashboard app with its iGoogle-style widget.

NetVibes is a simple and reliable monitoring tool for reading web content. However, it’s not as keyboard-friendly and fast as Google Reader. Still it offers nice ways to pick widgets and RSS Feeds from a huge selection of interests, and organizes them in the way you want. Click the link below to try out NetVibes.

Try here: Check out NetVibes here.



NewsBlur is a free news reading website that lets you subscribe to your favorite sites and read them any time. It’s available as a cross-platform app for web, android, and iOS and lets you import your RSS feeds from Google Reader. The free account lets you subscribe for up to 64 sites and displays 10 news feeds at a time. And like Google Reader, NewsBlur allow its users to share interesting stories and feeds with each other.

NewsBlur provides real-time RSS feed updates and lets you read stories as soon as they get published. Click on the link given below to try out NewsBlur.

Try here: Check out NewsBlur here.



Pulse is another free web alternative for Google Reader that lets you choose from a wide range of interests (including Politics, Art and Design, Technology, Business, and Science) and subscribe for RSS feeds. Here you can read and share stories and even save something you find interesting on services like Evernote for later reading. Pulse is also available as an Android and iOS app with beautifully designed interface.

Pulse is a prestigious Apple Design Award winning app, which provides efficient ways to read RSS Feeds from your favorite magazines, blogs, tech-websites, social networks, and newspapers. Click on the link given below to try out Pulse.

Try here: Check out Pulse here.



Last in the list is FeedBooster, another free Google Reader web-alternative that provides a customizable dashboard to let you search and browse through a huge amount of news feeds from your favorite sites and web blogs. It implements a multi-dimensional search technology and filtering options to let you easily find the news you want to read. It automatically updates your subscribed websites in real-time and lets you read the latest news feeds as soon as they get published.

FeedBooster lets you easily manage your news feeds and also provides options to import feeds from your existing Google Reader account. Click on the link given below to try out FeedBooster.

Try here: Check out FeedBooster here.

These were some of the best free web alternatives for Google Reader I have found so far. However, there are more options like Taptu and The Old Reader that you might check out. And if you find some other Google Reader replacement, don’t forget to join the conversation in comments. Happy Reading :)

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