Free Grammar Checker That Could Be Better Than Grammarly

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A new and free online grammar checker has been launched, known as Deep Grammar. This service could be better than Grammarly and many other similar websites. I am saying so because, during my testing, this service was able to detect some grammar mistakes which were not detected by Grammarly (I checked with the free subscription of Grammarly) MS Word, etc. However, it is also the fact that it failed to detect some grammar mistakes, which other services were able to detect easily.

Deep Grammar is based on artificial intelligence and it suggests the corrections which are close to the written text or sentence.

So far, this free online grammar checker looks pretty good, but it is far from perfect. The fact is that this service has to cover a very long distance to become a perfect grammar checker. Currently, this service is available as a demo and only one or two sentences are checked for grammar mistakes. Moreover, it won’t check spelling mistakes in the sentences.

check grammar errors using Deep Grammar service

Above you can see a sentence checked for grammar mistake using Deep Grammar. You can see easily that it detected the mistake and suggested the correction.

In the screenshot below, the same sentence was not detected by Grammarly for grammar mistake.

no grammar mistake detected by Grammarly

Here are some more good software to check grammar mistakes.

Using This Free Online Grammar Checker:

Click this link to open the homepage of Deep Grammar. Currently, there aren’t many options available here. There is only a box in which you can type or paste the sentences. Next is a Sensitivity slider, which is used to set the probability to detect and show the errors.

insert text and detect grammar mistakes

Use the Sensitivity slider or keep it to default level. After this, Press Grammar Check Text button. Now you have to wait for a few seconds to let it detect grammar mistakes and show suggestions.

When it has analysed the input text, it will show suggested corrections. If the corrections are good, you can use them.


The good news is we now have one more free online grammar checker service, which works well, but is very limited in features. So, you need to consider that Deep Grammar is in early development stage, and wait for the improvements.

Try Deep Grammar service free.

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