5 Free Online Grammar Checker Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online grammar checker websites. All these websites are free to use and you can check for your grammatical and spelling mistakes along with checking the available suggestions. You can apply all the suggestions to your text by just one mouse click. These websites look for the mistakes and errors on the basis of context of the sentence to give you better suggestions.

You don’t have to register with any of these websites to check for grammatical or spelling errors. However, some of them might offer a few additional features to registered users. I shall mention those features when I talk about them in their respective section. So let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

1. Reverso:


Reverso is the first online grammar checker for you to check out your grammatical and spelling errors. To check the text, you have to type it in the provided blank box, you can also choose to copy paste the text alternatively. When you are done with entering the text, you have to click on Check button to start the analyzing process. On completion of checking, it underlines the errors and you can hover your mouse to see the suggestions.

You can also choose to go back to the original text, add new text, edit the current text, copy and translate it. For the translation, it supports French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

2. SpellCheck24:


SpellCheck24 is the second online grammar checker in the list. It supports American, British, Australian, Canadian, South African and New Zealand English. You simply need to put the text to be checked in the given text box and click on Check Your Text button. The website highlights grammatical mistakes with Green color and spelling mistakes with White color. Clicking on the mistake shows a pop-up which mentions the reasons behind the mistake and shows suggestion(s).

You can also choose to save, load, print, and download the text as PDF. These options are available only for registered users and it is completely free to get registered with SpellCheck24. This website lets you check grammar and spelling errors for 16 languages.

3. SpellCheckPlus:


SpellCheckPlus is a very simple and easy to use online grammar checker. It doesn’t have too many options like the ones mentioned above, but it does the job perfectly. It lets you choose whether you are Anglophone or not. You have to enter the text, typing or copy pasting, in the box and click on Check Text button. On completion of checking purpose, it highlights grammar mistakes with Yellow color and spelling mistakes with Red color. Hovering mouse over the mistakes shows possible suggestions which you can apply to resolve the errors. Besides pointing out errors, it shows grammar score and summary of possible errors.

4. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker:

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker is a free online grammar checker which shows your grammar and spelling errors. For the text entered by you, it underlines the grammar mistakes with Red color and spelling mistakes with Green color. Clicking on the error shows the suggestion for resolving the issue. It also shows a pop-up which shows the number of grammatical and spelling errors along with WhiteSmoke Writing Index. This index measures the grammar of the entered text on the scale of 10.

5. Online-SpellCheck:


The last online grammar checker in the list is Online-SpellCheck. When you have entered the text, click on the Check Text button. For the checked text, it shows the errors with color coding as Orange, Red and Green. The Red is for errors, Green for auto corrected errors and Orange for those errors whose suggestions aren’t available. You can then choose to print, download as PDF, Download Text, Save by converting format and email to anyone you like. The website also shows statistics like starting rate, rate, characters, characters without space, words, lines, etc.

With this, It’s time to wrap up this list of 5 free online grammar checker for you to check out your grammar and spelling mistakes. Check them out to avoid making mistakes.

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