Spelling And Grammar Checker Extension For Google Chrome: Grammarly Lite

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Grammarly Lite is a handy spelling and grammar checker extension available for Google Chrome that helps you to prevent grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. You can easily write without making mistakes on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and anywhere on the web page opened in Google Chrome. It easily lets you correct grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc. It even lets you see the definition of words and synonyms of word(s).

It is very easy to use Grammarly Lite. If you are in search of spelling and grammar checker extensions, then this is one of the suitable extensions for you. Moreover, it is available completely free for Google Chrome. Have a look at this tutorial.

Grammarly Lite 01 spelling and grammar checker

Key Features of This Spelling and Grammar Checker Extension:

  • Write without mistakes.
  • Prevents you from making spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.
  • View definition, synonyms etc. of any word.
  • Detects misspelled words or writing errors.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free for Google Chrome.

How Grammarly Lite Works?

First, add this spelling and grammar checker extension using this link. Click on the available Add to Chrome button in this given link. Then, it will be added to your Chrome browser and a new page will open. Here, provides your desired email address to activate Grammarly Lite (as you can see in the above screenshot). After this, it will be activated. Write after this, it will provide you with a small tutorial to help you understand more about Grammarly Lite.

Error Detection and Correction:

Now, whenever you will type anything on your social network account(s) or in Gmail etc., its icon will start moving and then it will show you total errors found (if any). As you can see in the below mentioned screenshot:

Grammarly Lite 02 spelling and grammar checker

  • In order to correct the mistakes, just place your mouse on that specific word. It will provide you suggestions. Select desired suggested word and that’s it. See how simple and easy it is.
  • In addition, you can also view the synonyms (if available) of any word that you write. For this, you just need to double-click on that desired word.
  • Likewise, you can easily view the definition of a particular word while browsing on your Google Chrome. For this, just double-click on that specific word. See the below given screenshot:

Grammarly Lite 03 spelling and grammar checker

  • For adjusting settings of Grammarly Lite, click on its icon and a page will open up where you can perform desired actions.

Grammarly Lite is a very easy yet effective extension that lets you write perfectly and without errors. If you want to write like a perfectionist, then try this free spelling and grammar checker extension for Google Chrome.

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Works With: Google Chrome
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