Free AI Voice Generator to say Anything in Your Favorite Characters’ Voice

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FakeYou is a free deep fake web application. It enables you to generate a personalized audio clip in the voice of your favorite character. Write  your text, choose the character of your choice and the app will generate an audio.

Just write your text in the box, select your character voice from the list of hundreds of characters, and click on “Speak”. The tool will generate an audio clip of the text being spoken in the voice of the character you selected. The tool has a long list of characters to select from. It contains the likes of, 2Pac, Alan Rickman, Joe Biden, Optimus Prime, Chucky from Child’s play etc.

Deep Fake is a new trend these days. Half of the people on the internet are doing it, and all the rest are enjoying it. Every other day a new deep fake video, audio or image of a celebrity would surface and spread like wildfire in the internet world. So today, I’ve reviewed this fun web app which lets you do a deep fake audio remix using a famous voice. Now make your desired celebrity speak what you want, and they won’t deny.

How to use FakeYou

Go to the website of FakeYou. The homepage looks like this.

FakeYou entry box

In the middle of the screen, there are two boxes. From the upper box, you select the character whose voice you want to use for the text-to-speech. And in the lower box you write the text which is to be spoken. Then you click on the “Speak” button, and the app will generate the audio clip.

FakeYou result

This audio is downloadable as well. The downloaded file is in WAV format. You can listen to the audio there, and if you want to make changes in the text or change the voice, you can. After every change a new audio can be generated and saved. The app will save, and show you the results after every iteration. You can listen to them and download them as well.

And if you click on the Permalink & Download button, it takes you to another page. There you will be able to see the details of the resultant file. Some details include, original text, audio duration, model name etc. You can see that in the screenshot below:

FakeYou Result details


FakeYou is a very easy web application, to turn a text to speech. It takes a text from you and converts it into speech. Just type in the text, pick a voice from the list, and enjoy. There is a long list of voices, where you’ll find many celebrities.

It is a fun app which lets you create funnier stuff. I like how FakeYou is both easy and free to use. And there is no unnecessary login/sign up compulsion. The company doesn’t charge you anything to use the service. They say that they are working on expansion of the services and that they have many future plans. If you can’t find the voice you’re looking for, then I hope we’ll see them in the coming updates. I think the team will add more voices along with other additional features.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 8 Average: 3.1]
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