How to Check HTTP Status of Multiple Websites?

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This tutorial explains how to check HTTP status of multiple websites. I will explain how to do that with the help of simple tool provided by Urlitor. The tool lets you check the HTTP status code, redirect locations, chained redirects, and other valuable information. You don’t have to register or download anything. The tool also lets you save the results as CSV and directly add them to the spreadsheet.

So let’s get started.

Steps to Check HTTP Status of Multiple Websites:

Step 1: Open the Urlitor HTTP Status Checker (Homepage) to get the interface shown in the screenshot below.

HTTP Status Checker

Step 2: Enter the URLs of the websites whose HTTP status you want to take. Do remember that you have to keep the URLs line separated.

Enter the URLs

Step 3: You can choose the User Agent from the list if you want to. It’s not compulsory to choose one. Some of the available user agents are Googlebot, Google Smartphone, YandexBot, etc..

Choose Browser

Step 4: Click on Submit button to get the results. The results include HTTP status, HTTP status (final destination), the number of redirects, and response time.


Besides this, there are options to Copy to Spreadsheet View, Redirect Summary, and Download CSV.

  • Copy to Spreadsheet: Use this option to add the whole result to the spreadsheet by simple copy pasting.
    Copy to Spreadsheet
  • Redirect Summary:  Checkout the complete redirect summary in a single table.
    Redirect Summary
  • Download CSV: Download the whole data in CSV format.
    Download as CSV

So this way, you can easily check HTTP status of multiple websites. Do give it a try and save your time.

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