5 Free Domain Name Generator Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free domain name generator websites. These websites generate cool and eye-catchy domain names for your upcoming website(s) on the basis of words or keywords chosen by you. You can try as many words as you want and of any type. The other cool thing is that you can buy your favorite domain name from using these websites too.

A good domain name is very crucial for any website as it is like the identity card. All users from around the world recognize your website by its domain name so it is something which you can’t really afford to ignore. So let’s check out all these domain generators one by one.

1. Name Mesh:

Name Mesh

The first website in the list is Name Mesh. It claims to have more than 6 million words in its database and offers 20+ generators to generate best possible domain name for your upcoming website. You simply have to enter the words/keywords which you want to include in the domain name. Depending upon words entered by you, Name Mesh displays search results under categories like common, new, short, fun, extra, mix, SEO, and similar.

You can then hover your mouse over any domain name to see whether it is available or not. But for faster differentiation, the available ones are written in Green color while unavailable ones are dull in appearance. Name Mesh has endless scrolling which means as you will continue to scroll down, more and more domain names will start appearing. For the settings part, you can choose the maximum length of characters for suggesting domain names and which of the commonly purchased TLDs (.com, .co, .net, etc.) to use or not.

2. Name Boy:

Name Boy

Name Boy is the second domain generator website in the list. Apart from the common feature of generating domain name on the basis of just keywords, it also lets you choose whether you want hyphen and rhyme in your domain name or not. The search results are shown to you for TLDs: .com, .net, .org and .net. You can see (screenshot above) that the results are color coded with Green, Yellow, and Sky Blue colors.

The Green color means the domain name is available, the Yellow color means Availability Unknown, and Sky Blue color means that it is aftermarket domain. To buy any domain, click on the check box at top of it followed by a click on Add these names to cart button.

3. Bust A Name:

Bust A Name

Bust A Name is the next website in the list. It gives you a few criteria which you can choose to apply to domain generating process. You can choose to find domain name which starts with the word of your choice, domain which look very natural/somewhat natural/less natural, and the character limit for the domain name. There’s also an option for going completely Random option if you don’t want to go for any of the options. Last but not the least, you can also choose the TLDs which you want to include in the search results.

It displays all the search results to you in the tabular form divided into multiple cells. The unavailable domains have Red colored cell while available ones have the creamy like color. You can then click on any TLD to see the current domain buying and hosting charges across all domain provider.

4. Dot-O-Mator:


Now, I will talk about the website Dot-O-Mator. This website lets you find domain names by adding beginnings and ending names. You can choose to add multiple words to both the sections. You can add these words either manually or from the default categories. These categories are: Simply Colors, Fancy Colors, Games, Tech, Tiny, Web 2.o words, Web 2.0 parts etc. On entering the words, click on Combine button to see the results.

The good thing is that the website automatically divides the domain names as Available and Taken.  You can then choose either to buy, domain you like, directly or add it to Scratchbox for reconsideration.

5. Blungr:


The last website is Blungr which is in beta stage, but works smoothly. As it is in beta stage, so it is not that advanced as compared to its competitors but still it is worth considering. It lets you add 2 keywords, choose TLD, prefix, suffix and you are good to go. It displays the results on the same page with available domains represented with a tag Buy.

Here, I wrap up this list of 5 free domain name generators which will make it easy for you to generate domain names. Check them out to find the best possible domain name for your website and make it stand apart from the rest.

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