Number Game To Teach Kids The Number Line On iDevice: Motion Math Zoom

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Motion Math Zoom is a free number game app for iOS Devices to teach children how to place numbers on the number line. This app helps in making kids understand the basics of number system in Maths and helps them in quickly learning the place values of different numbers.

The app is specially designed for preschoolers and kids who are new to the number system, to teach them the basics of placing numbers on the number line. The basic concept of the app is to put the missing numbers at the right place on a given number line, with some numbers already being placed.

This game supports both natural and decimal number systems and make use of positive as well as negative numbers for thorough practice. This game makes learning number system in Maths, easy for your kids.

Basically, the numbers will appear in bubbles and the kid needs to find the exact place for them and put them there. If he could not find the right place to put the numbers, then this number game app will help him to find the right place. It does so by showing hands movement over the screen which will point to the correct place of the number on the number line.

Motion Math Zoom - help screen

Zoom-In And Zoom Out: This number game for kids also extends to the hundreds and thousands in natural number system and to tenth and hundredth in the decimal number system. You will see an animal and an insect associated with the numbers and decimals. Larger is the number, larger will be the animal, and smaller the decimal, smaller will be the insect. To put a number in natural number system, you need to zoom in using your fingers, and to put a number in decimal range you need to zoom out, using your fingers.

Motion Math Zoom- Zoom In And Zoom Out

Test Mode: This number game for kids also allows you to test the skills of your kids. This app has also a Needle Mode, which is a kind of timer in this app. In needle mode you need to put the number into its correct position before the needle takes away your number. So you can also check how much your kid is learning the number system with this app.

Motion Math Zoom- Needle mode

Pay For It: This app is not completely free. Here you will see that, only initial levels are unlocked. You need to pay to buy all its levels, using its in-app purchase. Here you need not pay for each level separately, but you can unlock whole game for $4.99.

Motion Math Zoom- buy all levels

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Features Of This Number Game App for Kids:

  • Teach children how to place numbers on a number line.
  • Introduction to the number system in Maths (negative, positive, and decimal numbers)
  • Test how much your kid has learnt with the needle mode.
  • Equally useful for preschooler kids, and those who are new to the number system in school.
  • Shows your score for every game you play.
  • Nice graphics which makes learning fun.
  • Zoom-In and Zoom-out feature to explore missing natural numbers and decimal numbers.
  • Gives you decimal numbers up to thousandths place.
  • Gives you a Challenge series to test all your skills (paid feature).

The Final Note:

Motion Math Zoom is a beautiful number game app for kids to learn basics of number system and placing numbers on the number line. The concept of teaching numbers to the kids as a game is very good and appreciable. Teaching in such a manner is very effective. As teaching number system to your kids is one of the toughest job. This game with beautiful graphics and animations, is surely a nice free math learning app for kids.

Get Motion Math Zoom from here

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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