Story App For Kids On iPhone: Goodnight Safari

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Goodnight Safari is a story app for kids on iPhone. This app is made specially for the kids of the age 2-4 year old. This is a kind of an interactive story app for kids. The story is about night in Savanna grassland in Africa, where different animals are going to sleep with their children. This app is divided in 7 parts, each part has some tasks for your kids in them, like getting the zebra meet his mother in the first story, and so on other tasks in the other parts. All the tasks are related to prepare kids of animals for their bedtime.

This story app reads out the story to your kids and narrate the task. While reading, each word is highlighted as it is being read, so as to improve pronunciation and spoken English of kids.

Goodnight Safari- night at savanna

When you complete the task given in the story, a blue arrow appears on the right corner of the screen, which takes you to the next part of the story; and story continues like this. You need to complete the tasks given in all parts to complete the story.

This story app for kids is also an interactive game, every animal and tree show some response when you tap over them or when you shake the iPhone.

You can also choose to pick your kid’s favourite scene from Pick A Scene menu from its home page.

Goodnight Safari- choose any scene

This story app for kids has seven interactive story games. In addition to that, that Goodnight  Safari app also offers you some activity games. These games include number game, color game and few other fun activity games. You can buy this activity pack “Activities Pack 1” for $1.99, from start page of this app under New Games menu.

Goodnight Safari- get more fun activities games

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Features Of Story App For Kids Goodnight Safari App:

  • Interactive and fun app for kids.
  • Interactive story app for kids, where your kids participate in story to complete the story.
  • Suitable for children of the age 2-4.
  • Participate in the story app by helping the animals prepare for their bedtime.
  • Seven interactive scenes.
  • You can also skip to your favourite scene, from Pick-a-Page menu.
  • This app reads for your kids by highlighting the text, so as to improve pronunciation and spoken English skills.
  • You can also choose read alone mode, where your kid has to read the text and has to know what task is associated with the given scene.
  • Very nice graphics work by Luciana Navarro Powell, who has put life to Savanna.

The Final Note:

Goodnight Safari is a very good story app for kids with nice graphics work, with which kids can have fun. This story app for kids is also a game in itself. Here your kid has to participate in the story as a game to complete it.

This app has 7 scenes to choose from. You can also choose to skip to your kid’s favourite scene. I have not explained any scene so that you could enjoy it better with your kids. The narrator will explain the task related to every scene. You can also read the text on the page.

The only thing I think this app could have is, more story scenes could have been given in this app. But for a 2 year old kid, 7 scenes are quite ok.

Get Goodnight Safari from here.

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