5 Volume Booster Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 volume booster apps for Android which can be used to improve volume on your Android devices if they’re too quite. My device, despite giving me warnings that high volume will damage my hearing, isn’t really that loud. To compensate for this you can use third party apps that boost the volume and make it louder than what the default volume normally is.

Let’s have a look at these apps we found in Google Play store.

Music Volume EQ

volume booster android apps 1

Music Volume EQ is a volume booster app, and also an equalizer app that can set a system wide music presets for when you’re listening different types of music.

It will also boost volume for the entire system just make sure that the volume knob that’s seen on the screenshot above is turned all the way up. Tap on the EQ letters down below to switch to the equalizer app. Widgets are also available.

Get Music Volume EQ.

Volume Booster Pro

volume booster android apps 2

Volume Booster Pro allows you to turn volume up on selective parts of the system, as you can see from the image down below.

You can turn the volume up separately for alarms, music, notifications, ringer, system and voice calls. The big round button in the middle boosts volume of everything at once, if you need everything loud.

Get Volume Booster Pro.

Volume Booster by D&V

volume booster android apps 3

Volume Booster by D&V is another volume booster with a simple approach.

You just get a volume bar and nothing else. Once that the volume bar of your own device won’t go any further, try to increase the one that you get with this volume booster app and see if that helps increase the volume.

Get Volume Booster by D&V.

Volume Booster by Adrian Culver

volume booster android apps 5

According to the app developer, Volume Booster, this one by Adrian Culver, will boost the default volume of your device for about 30% and it can go up to 40% max.

As you can see, selective boost is also available here. Just make sure that you activate each individual bar before clicking on the round button, because just like with the Volume Booster Pro, the big round button increase the volume all round.

Get Volume Booster by Adrian Culver.

Volume Booster by Lovekara

volume booster android apps 4

Here’s another selective volume booster app for Android where you get additional functionalities.

First of all, here you have a system tray status icon from where you can quickly access settings when you need to change audio. Next to selective volume boost, there are quick boost buttons in the top left corner of the screen. You can setup the app so that it automatically changes setting when you turn it on.

Get Volume Booster by Lovekara.


All the volume booster apps that we covered here worked great for us. What kind of results you’re gonna have will probably vary, depending on what kind of device you have. You might notice an increase in volume, or you might not notice anything. You won’t know until you try it, so make sure that you do try it and let us know how it goes.

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