5 Tip Calculator Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 tip calculator apps for Android which you can use to calculate tips on your smartphone or tablet. Apps that calculate tips are intended to make life easier when you’re dinning out and a tip has to be left but you have no clue how much 15% of the total bill amount is, for example. Most people can work out the tip themselves, but if you’re lazy or the tip is really hard to figure out, then these tips are just the thing you need.

Let’s see the apps we found for you.

Tip N Split Tip Calculator

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Tip N Split Tip Calculator is much more than just a tip calculator app. It will also calculate how to split the check between you and your friends when all of you go out to dinner together.

That’s what the “split” in Tip N Split Tip Calculator stands for. Just type in the bill amount, set the tip percentage point and if you want you can adjust the number of people number (to split the check). The total amount owned will change down below in real time as you type in and adjust all the aforementioned values.

Get Tip N Split Tip Calculator.

Simple Tip Calculator

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Despite the next app being called Simple Tip Calculator, this tip calculator app still offers the same kind of info that you get with Tip N Split.

Meaning you get both the tip calculated, and also the money owed per person when going out in a group. Values will again change as you type them into the app, with the most important ones being the total bill amount, tip percentage, and the split bill number, meaning the number of people in a group with which the bill needs to be split.

Get Simple Tip Calculator.

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Tip Calculator by Etermax

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Tip Calculator by Etermax has a bit more advanced features and a bit more advanced interface where it will actually take a couple of minutes to figure everything out, at least that’s how it was for me.

So it can do the usual, calculate the tip and split the check, but it can also round the values (of the total bill amount or the tip) and calculate in any taxes that might be levied on the bill.

Get Tip Calculator by Etermax.

Tip Me (Tip Calculator)

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Tip Me (Tip Calculator) has now pretty much the standard, both a tip calculator and a check splitter.

All the info is laid out on an interface that looks very much so like an actual bill, the interface is very similar to a paper bill that you get in a restaurant. All the calculations are pre-tax and the values can be rounded either for the tip value or the total bill amount.

Get Tip Me (Tip Calculator).

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Tip Calculator by PhillyAndroid

tip calculator apps android 5

Tip Calculator has the standard tip calculator and a check splitter all rolled into a single app.

Notice at the top that there are 2 tabs. First one calculates tip amount on a single amount, while the second one performs it on multiple amounts at the same time. This tip calculator app has note integration, meaning you can copy calculated values into your notes app for later use.

Get Tip Calculator.


I really enjoyed using Simple Tip Calculator and Tip Me (Tips Calculator). First one because it really has a simple approach to calculating tips, and the second one because it has a nice looking interface. They are all great and get the job done to tell you the truth.

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