5 Free MySQL Clients For Windows

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Here are 5 free MySQL clients for Windows. Using these free software, you can connect to any local or remote MySQL database and do database tasks. You can do basic as well as advanced database operations using these clients on a database. You can execute queries, run SQL statements, run DDL commands, call procedures, create triggered events and much more. Also, some of these MySQL clients come with unique features such as import-export database, and record operations that you have applied on a database.

MySQL database is quite popular database now a days. Many website hosting services use MySQL as database to store valuable information. And if you are one of those who are hosting a website and use MySQL database, then these free MySQL clients for Windows can come in handy. You can also test and use these free MySQL clients on some free MySQL hosting sites as well as on the local MySQL server.

5 Best Free MySQL Clients For Windows

Let’s have a look at these free MySQL Clients for Windows.

5 Free MySQL Clients For Windows

MySQL Workbench

No doubt, MySQL Workbench is one of the most popular and widely used MySQL clients for Windows. Also, it is an official software from Oracle that comes with MySQL database server when you download it (you can also download it separately using the link above). MySQL Workbench is a very powerful software to handle MySQL databases which are available locally on your PC or at any remote location. You can connect to any MySQL database, execute queries, create, drop or alter schemas, import-export data, etc. Using Workbench, you can do every database operation that you can think for. Workbench supports lots of database engines such as InnoDB, MyISAM, Memory, CSV, Blackhole, NDB, federated, etc.

Getting started with Workbench is pretty easy. If you are familiar about basic database concepts, then you will easily understand the interface and working of MySQL Workbench. You simply start by creating a database connection and after connection to your database, you can do whatever you want. It is one of the few free MySQL clients that allow to connect to MySQL over SSL.

Workbench in its action

So, it was all about MySQL Workbench, one of the most popular MySQL Clients for Windows. If you are a newbie in the database, then you must try it. It comes with a documentation which you can read to understand basic database concepts and implement them in MySQL Workbench according to the process which is described in it.

If you are more into Oracle, then you should check out these TOAD and PL/SQL Developer alternatives.


HeidiSQL is a free MySQL client for Windows, that also comes as portable software. It is quite a powerful tool to manipulate MySQL database which is located at local or remote location. And the best part is that, using this free software, you can manage multiple databases simultaneously. Apart from MySQL database, it also supports MSSQL and PostgreSQL database server. After connecting to your database, you can do almost any database related tasks, such as execute queries, update table data, create or drop tables, views, procedures, triggers and scheduled events, etc. You can also export data as CSV, LaTeX, XML, HTML, and PHP array.

It’s pretty simple to use HeidiSQL to handle a MySQL database. After downloading it from the above link, open it up. At first you will be asked to enter the database host and credentials, and after a successful connection, you will be able to see the database structure on its interface. You can expand the schema to view tables. Also, you can create new ones and update existing ones. You can do any database operations that you would like to do. At the bottom of its interface, there is a pane given, which shows the SQL statement equivalent to the operation that you have just applied.

So, in this way you can handle MySQL and MSSQL database with HeidiSQL. It offers various powerful features that you can use to handle a MySQL database very easily. And it offers all the functionality in just 6 MB of size!

Toad for MySQL

Toad for MySQL is a freeware client for the MySQL database. It is quite a powerful MySQL client for Windows. Using this you can use it to do a lot of database operations on a remote or locally stored database. It offers a very intuitive interface just like MySQL Workbench. You can perform all the basic database operations as well as advanced operations such as database compare, record and play keyboard commands, transfer data across multiple MySQL databases, and much more. However, the size of this freeware is quite larger than all of the other MySQL clients above.

The process of getting started with Toad for MySQL is very similar to what I have explained for the above software. First, grab the setup file from the above link and then install it. After installing, when you open it up, then navigate to the Connect button, which is given at the top ribbon. After that it will ask you to fill out the database credentials and hit the Connect button to connect to the database. If the connection goes successfully, then you will see the tables of your database at the bottom left of its interface. You can then do whatever you want with the database.

toad for mysql in action

So, in this way you can use Toad for MySQL to connect to any MySQL database and manipulate it. Once you understand to use it, then it will become very easy to use this MySQL client.


MySQL-Front is another free MySQL client for Windows. It is not only compatible with MySQL database, you can also use it to handle Maria DB server. This MySQL client is a lightweight software and you can do various database operations such as execute queries, import-export database, handle SQL statements, variables, and many others. When you connect to any MySQL database using this free MySQL client, then it opens a new tab Object Browser. In the Object Browser, you can see the database structure, including tables, variables, comments, indices, etc. However, there are some problems with the advanced database functions such as Events, and procedures. But, I wish the developer would fix this in the future updates of the software.

You can easily use this free MySQL client. After downloading this from the above link, open it up. After opening it, you will be asked to enter the remote or local database credentials. If the connection goes successfully, then you will see the database structure on its interface. From the Object browser tab, you can see the tables, schema and also you can manipulate them. After you have connected to your database, then you can do whatever you want.

MySQL-Front in action

So, in this way you can easily use this free MySQL client for Windows. I really like the functionality that it offers and also its performance. If the current limitations of the software doesn’t affect your work, then you may give this a try.


dbHero is a very simple, lightweight (~3MB) MySQL client for Windows. The software comes with a minimal user interface in which you can manage your local or remote MySQL database. Apart from MySQL, it also supports PostgreSQL database to manage and handle. You can create multiple connections to multiple database and then start doing the database operations such as database bookmarks, manipulating tables, table indexes, query history, etc.

Getting started with it is very easy. Just download it and then add the credentials of your database and then it will show you the tables and the other structures. However, you will not find any GUI controls to do database tasks; you will have to use SQL statements to manipulate the database. If you don’t know SQL statements equivalent to common database operations, then you can visit this link to read some tutorials about it.

dbHero in action

All in all, DbHero is quite a nice and simple MySQL client. It is best suited for people who are expert in managing databases with SQL Commands.

Final Words

These were some pretty cool free MySQL Clients for Windows. Using any of these MySQL Clients you can easily manage MySQL databases that are available locally or remotely. And you can execute all the database operations that you can think of, including basic and advanced operations. All these MySQL clients work fine for me and if you are looking for the same, then you may give them a try.

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