5 Free Websites To Create Free MySQL Database Online

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Here are 5 free websites to create free MySQL database online. Apart from setting up free MySQL database, these websites also provide some set of nice features, such as built in PhyMyAdmin, free website hosting (in some cases), etc. And the best part is that you can access the hosted MySQL databases remotely using a MySQL client such as MySQL Workbench.

A perfect use of such services is to quickly setup a MySQL database if you want to test out something, that you don’t want to do on your main database. We recently used one of these services to test a tool to compare different types of databases. In that case you can use these free online MySQL database websites. One additional advantage of such services is that most of them run latest version of MySQL, so if you are still on the older version, but want to test how something will perform on newer version, then you can use these services.

Websites To Create Free MySQL Database Online

Note: Before you become all excited and start using these services, there are a couple of things I want to point out:

  • As these services are free, they can shutdown your database anytime. So, I don’t recommend using these for any long term activity. Use it only for short term needs.
  • I would strongly advise against putting any sensitive data in these services.

As I mentioned earlier, best use of these free online MySQL websites would be for testing purposes, or even learning purposes.

5 Free Websites To Create Free MySQL Database Online


FreeSQLdatabase is one of the best free websites to create free MySQL database online. Basically, it is a free and paid website hosting service that also offers hosting a MySQL database. Using this free website, you can easily host a small database not larger than 5MB. If your database exceeds this size, then no further database updates will be accepted; you will have to delete some data from it. Apart from that, you can also a host a free website on it for 30 days. Additionally, you will get the PHP scripting support, FTP, 10 GB bandwidth, 1 GB disk storage, webmail, and many other features if switch to use the free website hosting plan.

Getting started with FreeSQLdatabase is very easy. You simply start by registering on it via email account. And after the successful registering process, you can see your Control panel where you can create and host a MySQL database. Creating a database is very easy, once you have reached your Control panel opt for creating a database. After that, it will take a few seconds all the database credentials will be mailed to you. When you have got all the MySQL database details via email, you can configure your database using any MySQL client, like MySQL Workbench.

FreSQLdatabase mySQl in full action

So, in this way, you can easily host a small MySQL database online for free using FreeSQLdatabase. The website is very nice and also offers you free hosting for 30 days. If you are only having any temporary hosting needs, then you don’t really have to buy a separate domain for that. FreeSQLdatabase is a very good option in those circumstances.

Free MySQL Hosting

Free MySQL Hosting is another free website to create free MySQL database online. Just like FreeSQldatabse, it also offers you 5 MB of free hosted MySQL database. Additionally, it comes with PhpMyAdmin support and you can also access your database remotely. After creating your database on its server, you can open it with any desktop SQL client. And you can create tables, schemas, etc., in it. The free MySQL database will reside on its server as long as it will provide that service.

It’s pretty easy to use this free MySQL database hosting service. Simply register on it via your email and after verification, you will able to see the Control panel. After that, create a database there and it will send you all the database and server credentials via email. You can then create database either using the PhpMyAdmin or you can use a desktop client to do the same.

Free MySQL database in full action

So that is how you can use Free MySQL Hosting website to host a free MySQL database online. However, the website only lets you host a 5MB database, so it is best suited for any temporary work or very basic needs.


HostBuddy is quite a popular website hosting service that you can use to create a free MySQL database online. It offers 500MB of space that your database can use. However, you can only use this service for free only for 60 days. Also, this offer comes with another set of features such as free website hosting for 60 days with a temporary name. Apart from using the MySQL database, you can also use MSSQL database to host it for free. Another set of nice features includes installing various apps on your website, such as WordPress, Joomla, Multiple WordPress, Orchard, NopCommerce, etc.

HostBuddy, comes with an intuitive interface and the site’s control panel is very well managed. You start by registering on it via an email account. After email confirmation, you are greeted on its interface. To create a database, navigate to the database section and create a MySQL database. It will ask you to specify some parameters such as database name, database user, password, etc. And when done, you will see a database icon will appear in the database section of the control panel. You can then add data and tables in it using the PhpMyAdmin or any desktop client. Also, there is an option to backup the database or flush it.

hostbuddy in action n

So, if you’ve got a quite large database to be hosted temporarily, then HostBuddy is a very good option. Additionally, you can also use the features for testing purpose.


db4free provides a free online MySQL database that does not exceed the size limit of 200 MB. The website provides the MySQL database for testing purpose. Also, you can use the built in PhpMyAdmin to create tables and add data in it. But do remember that after reaching 200 MB of size of the database, it will be flushed without any notification. It can actually be deleted earlier also at their will.

You can easily use this service for creating an online MySQL database. Simply start by entering the MySQL database credentials and an email account. After that it send an email with the details.

db4free.net in action

db4free is quite a nice site if you are developing some database related applications. You can test a database created in it and it works very well. However, it doesn’t come with other features, as it is only meant to provide online databases for free. So, use and create free MySQL database online using this free website.


Ensembl is basically a medical field related website that offers some public MySQL servers that you can use to fulfill your basic hosting needs. It has 7 such servers that you can easily access from the desktop MySQL client without any password (anonymous login). After you open the connection in a MySQL client, you can do whatever you want.

So, for a quick testing needs, you can go with the any public server offered by Ensembl. And it is a very good choice if you don’t want to waste your time in registering process.

Final Words

These were some best free websites to create free MySQL database online. Using any of these websites, you can easily do some quick testing on MySQL. Also, there are some other features also that these sites provides and I have mentioned them in the context of each one of them. So, depending on your needs, you can try any website from the above list.

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