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Here, are 5 free internet security suite software for your computer. There are many good internet security suites available around, but most of them are paid. However, there are actually a few free ones also available, that are quite good. I myself use a free internet security suite, and don’t feel a need to upgrade to a paid one.

Here are 5 of the best free internet security suites we came across. These efficiently protect your computer against online threats like virus, malware, etc.

Comodo Internet Security


Comodo Internet Security is a completely free internet security suite software to protect your computer from several harmful elements. This free security suite is powerful and has got a capability to allow only the trusted applications for accessing your computer. This free internet security suite includes both an antivirus software and a free firewall to protect you machine.  Internet security is must, so if you spend most of your time on internet, then you should necessarily try this free security suite to keep your computer protected. Comodo internet security delivers excellence when it comes to security, as it efficiently takes care of every security aspect of your computer.

Read more about Comodo Internet Security or try it here.

ESET Smart Security Suite


ESET Smart Security Suite is a fully-fledged security software to protect your computer. Currently this smart security suite is available in free Beta version with all professional level features. This free security suite comes with some useful features like real-time file system protection, Scanning process is fast and precise due to cloud scanning, Firewall protection and network monitoring, uses very few resources, etc. This free security suite has got the capability to give you full protection against spyware, viruses, rootkits, worms, etc.  ESET Smart Security also comes with anti-theft feature. Release candidate is avaialble for download for free.

Read more about ESET Smart Security Suite or try it here. Don’t forget to check out PrivaZer reviewed by us.



Update: This software is not provided by company any more.

CyberDefender is a free one of the most popular security suite which plays a leading role in protecting your computer against virus threats. As it’s a free version, so when you launch this software, you will come across few ads which is acceptable. This free security suite offers free anti-virus protection, free anti-spam tool, free scam shield and intrusion control, free spyware removal functionality. This free anti-spam tool helps you to filter out spam emails from the inbox of your Outlook. Free scam shield and intrusion control feature basically protect you against phishing and malicious website which may harm your computer. Download CyberDefender for free and ensure complete security of your system.

Read more about CyberDefender.

Outpost Security Suite

 Outpost Security Suite

Outpost Security Suite is another free security suite software that helps you to protect your computer against harmful elements.  This is a comprehensive security suite software which include free Firewall, free antivirus, free anti-spam, free real-time malware protection, etc.This free security suite runs in the background and time to time checks for harmful stuff. Quick and thorough scanning process makes it possible to find out all known malware, Trojans, spyware, etc. This tool basically traces and records any kind of abnormality in data and reports the same to the operator. With Outpost security software, you need not worry about system security, as this freeware does it in the best possible way.

Read more about Outpost Security Suite or try it here. Also, check out Comodo BOClean reviewed by us.


Roboscan is another free security suite which comes with an antivirus protection and anti-spyware protection for protection of your computer. This free tool comes with features like Firewall protection, system status scanner, privacy scanner, real-time protection, etc. The user-interface of this free security suite is very basic and straight-forward, as all the functions of this program are displayed as tabs on the interface making it easy for even the beginners to use this free software. In addition, security suite offers three scanning methods which are Quick, Basic, and Advanced. So choose your preferred scan method to detect malware and other harmful elements. Roboscan is also available in a paid version with more features.

Read more about Roboscan for free or simply try it here.

So, all these are some nice free internet security suites available out there. These provide good alternatives to paid software like Norton , McAfee, and Kaspersky.

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