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Update (25-Aug-2012): This software is not provided by the company anymore.

CyberDefender is a popular Internet Security Suite. Today I found a free (legal) version of this – CyberDefenderFree. This is a full featured Internet Security Suite, and completely free. To make it free, they have added ads to the main window. So, when you open main window, you will see ads as well. That’s not bad at all, if you get a full featured Internet Security Suite for Free.

Download CyberDefender Free

CyberDefender Free Internet Security Suite includes following components:

Free Antivirus Protection: CyberDefender Free includes a free anti virus software to protect your computer from viruses.

Free Spyware Removal: CyberDefender Free includes a free antispyware to detect and remove spyware and adware.

Free Anti Spam Tool: CyberDefender Free comes with a free anti spam tool that helps in filtering out spam email from your Outlook inbox.

Free Scam Shield and Intrusion Control tools to safeguard against malicious and phishing websites.

CyberDefender Free is a nice free security suite. Download using links at the end.

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  1. Another great review.

    I’d like to know what this means….
    “Download using links at the end.”

    “End of what? It’s not on this web page!

    Oh it must be just not provide or linked!

    Again thanks very much for another great review!

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