Windows 8 Music Player App That Automatically Creates Playlists

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Groove, is a free Windows 8 music player app. Using this app you can play music in Windows 8. It is not just a simple music player, but, is lot more than that. Using this app you can find the perfect playlist of songs, present in default Music directory, in just few clicks. The app actually checks your listening habits and the type (genre) of songs that you listen most, and creates a wide variety of music mixes and keeps your music fresh! It also automatically organizes your music library in tags which are actually genre, so you don’t have to create a playlist a manually. All you have to do is add songs to default Music folder, and the app does all sorting-organizing for you.


Get this Windows 8 music player app form the Music & Video Category in Windows Store. You can use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store, or the download link given at the end of this article.

Listening music in this Windows 8 music player app:

Groove, certainly is a good Windows 8 music player app. The interface of the app is what that really stands out above all features. I liked the interface the most. It makes complete use of the Windows 8 modern interface and displays the songs with their album covers in one of the most beautiful image rich way, with live album cover tiles. Switching between screens is fast and smooth. A good thing about this Windows 8 music player app is it doesn’t requires internet to run. All the songs inside a playlist are played in continuous mode, that is, one after another without any breaks.

The app is very easy to work with. It’s all about clicks, and nothing else! I like the fact that the app does everything for you, making you do minimal work. It’s like a digital DJ, that creates the songs mixes itself and plays songs for hours. All you have to do is add (copy-paste) songs to the default Music Folder in your Windows 8 system, then right click on any screen within the app, and click on Sync Now.

Groove - syncing

The app does the rest. It automatically creates playlists based on artists, album, genre. Like I said above, the app studies your listening habits, for example the artist, the genre, and the songs you listen to the most, or the songs that you play after every 2 or 3 days etc.

The playback controls are easy to use and are like any other music player. These includes: play, pause, previous, and next. The app lacks volume and equalizers features. Still, even without these the app works well, and you won’t even feel their need. The other good features of this Windows 8 music player app includes: the app makes use of schematic zoom feature, to zoom in and out and view songs. Also right clicking on any screen opens a flyout at the bottom containing Home, Sync Now, currently playing song, and the playback control buttons, plus a playlist button. These control buttons controls the currently playing playlist.

Groove - playing song

Also the app consists of few categories in the Home Screen, these includes: IN THE SPOTLIGHT, INSTANT MIXES, and FAVOURITES. The Instant Mixes, itself contains four subcategories including: GROOVY MIX, SURPRISE ME, FAVORITES,and THREE OF A KIND. I liked these 4 subcategories quite a lot because, clicking on them plays a new random song from the playlist; and most of the time the songs that it played were the ones that I like.

Groove - home screen

Note: If you don’t see some of your songs, then open Windows 8 settings charm (Win + I), in the app, and set “ Use Windows Indexing ” option to Off under Preferences menu item.

Click on the Groove button in the Home Screen, and it’ll show a drop down, for jumping to artists, albums, songs, tags, and home. These are kind of filters.

Groove - artists

Key features of this Windows 8 music player app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 music player app.
  • Supports .mp3, .m4a, and .wma music file formats.
  • Automatically creates different cool playlists for you.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 search and settings charms.
  • Beautiful image rich interface with live tile album covers.
  • Schematic zoom feature.

Groove - search

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Final note:

Groove, no doubt is a good Windows 8 music app. It’s functional, does what it advertises, easy, and above all creates a playlists on the basis of your taste, automatically! I liked this app quite a lot and am sure it’ll stay for a long time in my Windows 8 PC. All in all, good Windows 8 music app.

If you use iPad then do check this iPad Music Player App.

Grab Groove here.

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