How to Identify Installed RAM, and Which RAM to Install for Upgrade

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Crucial System Scanner is a free software to identify the RAM installed on PC. In addition to that, it also tells you that with which RAM you can upgrade your RAM, what is the maximum amount of RAM your system supports, how many RAM slots your PC has, exactly which RAM is installed in which RAM slot, and more. Using this RAM identification software, you can easily determine which RAM you should purchase in case you are planning to upgrade RAM in your PC.

Crucial System Scanner is less than 300 KB in download. Once downloaded, just double click on the exe to launch it. It will open your default browser, and results of scan will be displayed on Crucial’s website. So, it is important to be connected to internet to see results of the scan.

Crucial System Scanner

As you can see in the screenshot above, it shows which type of RAM is installed in PC, number of slots, and maximum supported RAM. The Memory type section tells in detail about the exact RAM that is installed on the PC.

Now, this is just one part of what this RAM identifier does. On the right side of the above report, it also shows which type of memory can you upgrade to. And not only that, it also allows you to buy that RAM directly from Crucial’s website.

RAM Upgrade

I have a very old laptop that was running very slow. I thought about upgrading its RAM, but wasn’t sure exactly which RAM it had. After some searching, I came across Crucial System scanner. As soon as I ran it, it quickly showed that the laptop had the very old DDR1 RAM. More importantly, it showed that actually I could upgrade it with DDR2 RAM! I could have never figured that out by myself. So, I find this a very useful software.

In addition to showing installed RAM, it also shows information about installed hard drive and suggests hard drives and solid state drives with which you can upgrade your hard drive.

Hard Drive Info

However, I doubt someone would need to use this tool to identify hard disk etc., especially because there are so many system info software out there that easily show this info (and of course, Windows also quickly shows this basic info).


Crucial System Scanner is the best software to find installed RAM, and more importantly, which RAM do you need to buy to upgrade your RAM. We had reviewed another software called Speccy earlier that does shows information about installed RAM, but it does not tells if you can upgrade system with a newer and better RAM. So, Crucial System Scanner is king in this regards, hands down.

Get Crucial System Scanner here.

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