Free Folder Utility for Windows Users: FolderJump

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FolderJump is a folder utility with which you can access your folders faster. In other words, switching between the folders under normal circumstances can be very time-consuming whereas, with the help of this folder utility you can do it in just 2 clicks. FolderJump is very light software and is very easy to use; you need not be a programmer to understand the functioning of this tool. Bookmarking your favorite folder is also possible with FolderJump. If you are using the free version of it, then you can get a maximum of 2 bookmarks only but with paid version you will get unlimited folder bookmark option.

Downloading this folder utility:

The size of the demo version of FolderJump software is only 381Kb. It can be used on various Windows platform such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit are supported). The latest version of the FolderJump is


The installation process is very simple, easy and fast. FolderJump takes around 500Kb of disk pace, which is nothing. Since, FolderJump is an add-on type of tool, so you won’t be shown a window on your screen. It is recommended to close all the programs before installing this software.

The difference between the Demo version and the Paid version is the number of bookmarks. In paid version unlimited bookmarks on the folder is possible whereas in Demo version only 2 bookmark option are available. The cost of the paid version is around $17.

How to Use FolderJump folder Utility

Go to any folder, which will be the parent folder and right click on the mouse and then select FolderJump option from there and go to the properties section. With the FolderJump you will get three more facilities and they are available here for free of cost, which are Open In editor, Command prompt from Folder and Copy paths to clipboard. These functions need to be enabled first before using it. To enable it you can click on the options menu of the Properties Window and then select any of the features. You can notice this property by right click of the mouse (the screenshot below only enabled command prompt option). In this way, you can enable all of the options or only one, the choice is yours.


Going back to the main functionalities of this folder utility, after opening the properties window (as discussed earlier), click on the “New” button.



The “Browse Folder” button will help you to select the path of the folder. After doing that select the folder to your liking and remember you can select many folder after that but by default they will be the child of the first folder you have selected. You can change it by the use of different arrow buttons. The caption is nothing but a temporary name given to the folder you can change it.

You can also check out CarbonFolder free folder synchronization software.

To bookmark any folder right click on mouse and go the FolderJump option , after that choose the Bookmark “Folder” option. The “Folder” will be the current folder where you are present. Only 2 bookmarks are possible in the Demo version.



FolderJump not only makes the switching between folders easy but fast too. For a normal home user Demo version is enough for daily use, but it may vary from person to person. The color of the folder can be changed, which I find great because by this way you can differentiate between the folders.

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Works With: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista & XP (32Bit & 64Bit)
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