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Infoaxe  is a free online bookmarking tool which helps to index web pages visited by a user. Nowadays almost all of us wants to protect our browsing history and usually we do it by manually bookmarking the websites. Here is a online bookmarking service by which your browsing history is at your tips all the time. So that when ever you want useful information, you can get it instantly. This indexing tool is one of its kind which is a search engine for your web memory.

The interface moreover looks like a search engine, the difference is that it works totally on your web memory unlike a real search engine. This online bookmarking tool works by automatically indexing every web page you visit. Finally these web pages get stored in a collection called your Personal Web memory. It performs the function via browser toolbar which you can install in few seconds, but you need to sign in to Infoaxe for downloading the toolbar.

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The best part is that it shows you results from Google as well to complement the search results from your personal history. This online bookmarking tool also allows you to share pages with others and you can also view what others have shared publicly. It stores the webpages by adding a time to it (time at which you accessed that webpage).


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Some Key Features of this Online Bookmarking Tool:

  • Standalone online bookmarking service, which automatically bookmarks web pages.


  • It allows you to easily access your personal history from any computer by signing in this bookmarking tool.
  • Indexes only publicly available pages, which excludes pages like Gmail account, Facebook, or online bank accounts etc.
  • Share web pages with your friends.
  • You can easily search any stuff from your web memory with the help of search box.
  • See what others or friends share publicly.
  • You need to create an account in Infoaxe for using it. No download and installation required.

Infoaxe is a complete tool for bookmarking web pages. So now you don’t have to worry about those websites which were useful and you closed them without bookmarking. Because this tool automatically bookmarks them without any manual help.

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