5 Free Online Unit Converters

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Here are 5 free online unit converters that allow you to convert units online without installing and downloading any software. These online unit converters are very easy and simple to use. All these online unit converters are completely free.


online unit converter

Online-Unit-Converter is free web application that allows you to convert units online without installing and downloading any software. The application is free too use and you can easily convert units online. The application is complete set of tools that will help you to convert most common yet important units into corresponding value. You need not operate any interface nor you need to search for the corresponding values, just input your units and values and you will get the result automatically.

When you visit the page, there you just to need to follow the tabs on the right side of the page. There are listed all the available units for conversion. For example, you want to convert units for area, click on the tab Area. You will have to input the quantity value in the numeric area and select the ‘from’ and ‘to’ units’ expression from the menu. Once you have selected your destination output, click on the Convert tab below and you will be shown result.

The web application gives you wide range of the mathematical conversion expressions like speed, acceleration, temperature, time, pressure, circular measure, power, energy, torque, cooking, fractions and percentage and many more to go. You can also refer to the all units chart below the conversion interface to refer to the various units comprising the expression/ category.

Try Online-Unit-Converter free here.

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online conversion

OnlineConversion is another free application that helps you to convert units online among various categories of mathematics and algebra. Those users who are in constant use of conversion of units online, this is handy tool to help them to convert with pace. The application is web based, thus you need Internet connection for the using this online free converter.

The application can be used online. Thus you need not install or download any file, just use your web browser for easy conversion. The application is action packed software which is extremely easy to use and operate. The application is designed to provide you with almost all the important mathematical units to convert for. You can convert units for mass, weight, angles, area, also try out its Astronomical unit converter, convert the clothing size converter applicable in different countries and many more.

Interestingly, this online converter has auto converter interface for its users, that too for free of cost. This is easy to use and quick converter where you need not search for category nor you need to select units from the down menu. Just enter your query in simple English language and get your output.

Try OnlineConversion free here.

Online Unit Converter Pro

online unit converter pro

Online Unit Converter Pro is free app that helps you to convert units online. The application is web based and you will need Internet connection for using the same. The application provides you mathematical unit category like Area, Energy, Flow, Force, Length, Mass, Numbers, Power, Temperature, Time, Velocity, Volume. The application is advanced set of online converter, thus if you need to get info upon the units apart from basic conversion than you must try out this application. The application will not only help you to convert online but also gives you conversion factors for all the units in the category.

You can choose the units and characters in the web page of the application or just try out drop down menu in the right hand side of the page consisting entire list of the categories that application offers its users. This online free converter is a handy tool for practitioners in engineering, physics, sciences, and technical subjects. It can quickly convert more than 1500 different units in 76 categories.

Try Online Unit Converter Pro free here.

Digital Dutch

digital dutch

Digital Dutch is free web site where by you can convert units into your corresponding desired units. This application is very easy to use and operate. Convert units for area, bits and bytes, angles, temperature, time, density, and many more. This list is not conclusive. Though you get easy conversion with this application, have clear and soothing interface for you to operate. All the mathematical categories on your left hand side bar of the page. You can select your category and proceed with quick conversion. The conversion will be done as you type.

For example, you want to convert pounds in to kilograms, just click on the tab Mass on the left side bar and you will see the text area for input and output.  Input the value in the text area below ‘From’ and select the pounds in the drop down menu parallel to the text area. You can see your output in the text area below the input box. Interestingly, you can also edit the number of decimal places in this free online converter in the ‘Options’ tab in the web page.

Try Digital Dutch free here.

Unit converter

unit converter 5

Unit converter as the name suggests is last on our list for free online unit converters. It offers you range of mathematical unit conversion for almost any category. You can find common category like Length, Temperature, Area, Volume, Weight, Time, including various kinds of converters like Engineering Converters, Heat Converters, Fluids converters, Light converters, Electricity Converter, Magnetism converters, Radiology converters and many other Converters.

You can see the entire list of categories in the home page of the application. However, this application does not provide any short cut to browse through categories, still the categories are placed in the home for the visitors. The application helps you to quickly convert your units and you can use them on the fly. As you need not download or install any app, this application is apt when you want quick conversion without time for downloading any software.

The application can be used by any web user, whether you are student, science teacher or engineer. This application gives you accurate output for your query. Just enter the value in the text area in the ‘from’ tab and select your unit from and unit to from the drop down menu.

Try Unit Converter free here.

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