5 Best Hypnosis Apps for iPhone in 2020

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In this blog post, I’m going to cover 5 best hypnosis apps for iPhone in 2019. As you know, hypnosis is a condition where a human focuses on the attention and do what they are told. By using these hypnosis apps, you can receive a lot of help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis apps are pretty helpful if you want to get rid of the problems that you encounter daily. You can use these apps on your iPhone and reduce stress, fear, overcome panic attacks, body relaxation, gain confidence, lose weight, and more.

Basically, these apps provide you a recording session listening to which you will get motivated. If you’re a procrastinator, the app consoles you to get up and go forward in life.

We had covered best hypnosis apps for Android in an earlier article, which you can read here. Below are the best hypnosis apps for iPhone.

1. Hypnosis- Managing Emotions

best hypnosis apps for iphone

Hypnosis- Managing Emotions is one of the best hypnosis apps that I have found on the App Store. The app is built beautifully and with the mesmerizing voice recording sessions, you will definitely receive a body relaxation.

After installation, when you launch the app, it shows different categories on the homepage. There are recording sessions for reducing stress, fears, overcome social anxiety, deep sleep, manage anxiety, healing from depression, migraine relief, and others.

You can browse these categories concerning your issues. If you want to reduce stress, you can tap on the Reduce Your Stress category. Doing so, you will listen to a voice that soothes your mind and body. The session is about 25 minutes. You can rest your body, close your eyes and listen to the recording with a calm mind.

2. Harmony Hypnosis Mediation

best hypnosis apps for iphone

Harmony Hypnosis Meditation is another app that you can use on your iPhone. The app helps you release stress and sleep free.

Once you install the app, you will see a number of recording on the homepage. There is a free session in which you can listen to the recording to focus. There are categories like focus and concentration (with or without wakeup), total relaxation short, etc.

You can listen to these recordings to relax your mind. Besides that, the app lets you create a playlist and workbook. You can also check your activity on the app. All in all, the app is pretty helpful to control your mind and body.

3. Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis

best hypnosis apps for iphone

Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis can be considered as one of the best hypnosis apps for iPhone. Using the app, you can easily access hypnosis tracks and relax your mind and body.

The app offers free as well as purchased tracks. The free session includes recordings for You can pick any track based on your interest. Firstly, the app lets you breathe properly. Then, you can browse the free library to download the tracks and listen to them.

There are voices to Relax & Sleep, about the Solfeggio Scale, Mindfulness for Releasing, Solfeggio Relax & Sleep, etc. Listen to these meditation recording, you can overcome anxiety.

4. Calm

best hypnosis apps for iphone

Calm is also added in the list of best hypnosis apps for iPhone. The app has a quite soothing sound that can relax your mind and body. It has the same vibes as you get in nature.

Once you open the app, it makes a running water sound which is quite real. You can swipe left to get more soothing sounds like rain, bird chirps, mountains, etc.

To start the meditation, you can go to the Meditate section. There you can find sessions to reduce anxiety, letting go, meditation, soothing pain, deep rest, and more.

You can pick your category as per your interest. Then, you can listen to the tracks in the specific category. If you find hard to sleep in the night, the app also assists you in this. It has an amazing collection of sleeping stories that you can listen to and get easy sleep.

5. Stress Relief Hypnosis

best hypnosis apps for iphone

Stress Relief Hypnosis app can also be used to relax your mind and overcome stress and anxiety. The app offers you daily booster audios that you can listen to.

When you launch the app, it shows a few recording sessions in the library. There are sessions like relax and let go daily booster, drift away and de-stress bedtime version and daytime version. You can open these recordings and download the audio to overcome stress.

In brief

In today’s world it is very common to see every human living with stress. Using the above-mentioned hypnosis apps, you can easily find yourself in a comfort zone. These are the best hypnosis apps that provide you recording sessions to motivate your mind, soul, and body.

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