5 Best Free Hypnosis Apps for Android

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If you start looking for hypnosis apps in the play store, you will find plenty of them. You can download a general hypnosis app or you can download a specific hypnosis app like weight loss hypnosis, quit smoking hypnosis, anxiety relief hypnosis, sleep hypnosis, etc. Before we start downloading these apps, let’s understand what hypnosis actually means.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis means a state of mind which involves focused attention, reduced surrounding awareness, and increased capacity to respond to commands or suggestions. During hypnosis, it is said that a persons focus and concentration is heightened and they show increased response rate to suggestions. Hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes and is referred to as “Hypnotherapy”. The process of hypnosis is usually carried out by a trained professional.

But following the process through apps is quite safe as well. So in this article we are listing some free hypnosis Android apps which you can use. Let’s look at them below.

Free Hypnosis

Free Hypnosis is a Android app by Joseph Clough, a celebrity hypnotherapist, speaker and author. The app has hypnosis and self help audio files, which you can listen to. As it is a free app the audio sessions available with the free app are limited. You can try out the free ones first and if you think they are helpful then, you can buy the paid ones as well or you can upgrade to the paid version of the app to get all audio files in one upgrade instead of buying them individually.

You can also create your own personalized session, by going to the custom audio section from the three bar icon on the top left side. From the custom audio page select a issue that you would like to start with. Then select 3 symptoms related to your issue. A custom package would appear and you can pay for it and download it.

The free files can be downloaded and played on your device anytime. Make yourself relaxed and comfortable before starting the audio. Then just listen to the audio and follow the suggestions of the speaker.

Hypno Box

Hypno Box is a hypnosis app for Android. This app also offers in app purchases. One audio box with four sessions is provided free, rest all the boxes are paid. You can try out the free one and if it works for you, then you can think of upgrading to the paid one. When you start the app you will see a list of all the audio boxes offered by the app. The top one you see in this list is the one which is free. You can click the download button for it to start downloading. Once it is downloaded you can play it in any music player available on your device.

The settings option of this app let’s you change the gender of the speaker along with some other changes. You can start a session at a time comfortable to you. Each session consists of different stages of hypnosis like the session begins with induction and deepening, then is followed by suggestions for your topic, then comes awakening and the last stage is background sound.


Harmony is a hypnosis meditation app. The app requires you to create an account and login to it. Once you login you will be taken to the home page of the app, which can be seen in the screenshot above. The home screen lists all the free audio files available with the app. Apart from these all the other audio sessions are paid. So go through the free ones and if they help you out with your issues, then you can upgrade your app to the paid version.

To listen to a audio file click on it to download it. Once downloaded it will start playing in the app itself. Make sure you are sitting or lying down in a comfortable position when you start a session. The menu icon on the top left side of the screen gives you some options like set reminder, share on Facebook or Twitter, purchase subscription, etc. The bottom toolbar has a activity tab which records the sessions you listen to everyday. The playlist tab will let you create a playlist of audio files which can play one after the other.


Digipill is a hypnosis app for Android which focuses on different issues in each audio file. When you start with this app, you can go to the my pills section and listen to relaxation audio. Or you can go to the pill store and choose a particular issue. The pill store has all paid sessions though. Start with the free session in the my pills section. In case you find it useful, then you can go with the paid ones. Make sure you are in a comfortable position while listening to the session.

Relax & Sleep Well: Hypnosis and Meditation

Relax & Sleep Well is a good Android app for hypnosis. In this app you will get a library of free audio files which you can listen to. When you start with this app you will see a library of audio files as seen in the screenshot above. You can listen to the files which are marked free, the others can be purchased. At the bottom you have a playlist tab which lets you add tracks to your playlist so that they keep playing one after another. The help section will help you out with purchases, how to use, share, etc.

The first tab in the bottom toolbar is the Breathe tab, which will help you in breathing like you do when you are meditating with soothing music in the background. When you click on a audio file it will open up with a full detailed description about the session that you are about to begin. At the bottom of the page click the download button to download the session. The audio file will take a few seconds to download. Once downloaded, you can press the play button to start the session.


These are some free hypnosis Android apps, you can start with trying out the free version first and in case you think it is helping, then you can upgrade to the paid version. Hypnosis works in a lot of situations and can help out with issues you are facing. Try these apps out and see if they are of help to you.

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